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Hinchingbrooke School

Current Year 11 Transition Work - 2024

Before our Year 11 students join us as Year 12 in September 2024, they are required to complete transition work over the summer to ensure that they are well positioned to successfully start their Sixth Form journey. 

Please click on the links below to access the transition work that you need to complete for your subjects. It is important that you complete all of the required activities for each of the subjects you hope to study at

You may also wish to complete the activities of other subjects, in case you decide to change your options or don’t quite meet the entry requirements when you receive your GCSE grades in August.

Art & Photography A Level 

Contemporary Fine Art, Fine Art and Photography Transition Work 

Biology A Level 

Biology Transition Work

Business A Level 

Business Transition Work 

Chemistry A Level 

Chemistry Transition Work

Computer Science A Level 

Virtual Taster Lessons:
Computational Thinking T1 Thinking Abstractly
GCE CS Abstraction Worksheet

Computer Science Taster Lesson Worksheet
Computer Science 
GCSE to A Level CS Summer Capability Project 

Core Maths AS Level 

Core Maths
Core Maths Transition Work - Student Copy

Criminology Level 3 Diploma 

Criminology Transition Work

Dance BTEC 

BTEC Level 3 Dance Transition Work

Drama BTEC 

Drama Task 1
Drama Task 1
Drama Task 2
Drama Task 2

Design Technology A Level 

Design Technology

English A Level 

English Language Taster Activity Book
English Language Taster Lesson - 17/07/22
English Language Task 
English Language Task - Definitions

English Literature Taster Activity Book



Film Studies A Level 

Film Studies

Financial Studies Level 3 Diploma 

Financial Studies
Financial Studies Transition Work 

French A Level 

French Transition Work

Geography A Level 

Geography Transition Work

History A Level 

Summer Task English Revolution
English Revolution
American Civil War Task Sheet
Civil War Causes Article
Coming of Civil War

Maths A Level & Further Maths

Transition Letter Year 11 into Year 12
A Level Maths and Further Maths Transition Work
A Level Maths and Further Maths Transition Work - Answers

Media Studies A Level 

Media Studies Transition Work

Music A Level 

Music Transition Work

Music Technology A Level 

Music Technology Transition Work

PE A Level 

PE Transition Work 

Physics A Level 

Physics Transition Work

Politics A Level 

Politics Transition Work

Psychology A Level 

Psychology Transition Work

RPE A Level 

RPE Transition Work
RPE Cosmological Handout Philosophy
RPE Utilitarianism Article RS Review Ethics Transition
Year 12 Transition Booklet

Science BTEC 

Science BTEC Transition Work  

Sociology A Level 

Sociology Transition Work

Spanish A Level

Spanish Transition Work

Sports BTEC 

Sports BTEC Transition Work