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Hinchingbrooke School

Restorative Approaches

An Introduction to Restorative Approaches

The quality of relationships between students as well as between staff and students contributes significantly to the success of any school. 

All of Hinchingbrooke School’s rules can be summarised in one school rule: Respect for yourself, others, and the school.  Our aim is to enhance and build a culture of mutual respect and understanding at Hinchingbrooke School, by developing our use of Restorative Approaches. This will help to develop a tolerant and supportive community, to manage conflict and tension by repairing any harm, as well as helping to build better relationships.

For effective teaching and learning to take place, good relationships must be at the heart of all that happens at Hinchingbrooke School.

Restorative Approaches involves a process that puts repairing the harm done to relationships and people, over and above blaming and punishing.  The focus moves from managing behaviour to building and repairing relationships.

Evidence shows that a whole school restorative approach will contribute to:

  • A happier and safer school
  • More mutually respectful relationships through listening to others’ views
  • More effective teaching and learning and
  • A positive alternative to sanctions in certain cases

As part of the process students and staff could be involved in meetings, circles and conferences to improve or resolve situations.  Restorative Approaches are about a process that is fair, offers high levels of support, as well as being about challenging poor behaviour through accepting responsibility and the setting of clear boundaries.

As part of our commitment to Restorative Approaches you may also be asked to contribute to a restorative meeting to support and help us move forwards.

We have spoken to students in assemblies about Restorative Approaches so that they have an understanding of what this means for them.  

Please click here for a Restorative Approaches Leaflet for Parents/Carers

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