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Support and Inclusion

All Students will need support and help from time to time during their attendance at school. To prioritise and identify where the support is most needed we have drawn a simple model where:

Wave 1 support is for all eg differentiated work and high quality teaching in every classroom

Wave 2 support is for the many eg mentoring programmes for targeted students, intervention groups

Wave 3 is for a few eg physiotherapy, 1 to 1 literacy support, counselling, bespoke individualised learning programme

To look at the Wave 3 support in more detail we have identified three different types of support:

Welfare - Students who need support with personal and emotional concerns that have an impact at school and at home. As such, we would offer the support of a Early Help Assessment (EHA) and look to support from outside school, eg a Family Worker or Young People’s Worker and agencies such as the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS). Some students and families may need an even higher level of support from social care or the young person may be in care.

Mrs Alison Setchfield leads this team and works alongside our School Counsellor, Miss Frances Barrett and a School Nurse. They are housed on the ground floor of Nunnery Court.

Name Title email Contact
Alison Setchfield Inclusion & Safeguarding Manager 

01480 375700 

ext 5784

Frances Barrett School Counsellor 01480 375700 ext 5815
Bev Angel Medical Room Officer 01480 375700 ext 5794

Gateway -  Students who have medical, emotional and behavioural concerns that result in poor attendance at school. Students may feel that full-time mainstream school is too much for them and they require an individual bespoke timetable. This can include full-time attendance at the Gateway School where all lessons and social times are delivered; part-time attendance, so students may attend mainstream lessons plus social times such as break and lunchtime and a select number of lessons in the Gateway; or, students may attend part-time in the Gateway and spend the rest of their time out of school at college, work or at a training placement. A few students spend all their time at these provisions and do not attend school but are regularly visited by the Gateway staff. All students who attend the Gateway either have an EHC Plan (previously statement of SEN), a EHA or a Pastoral Support Plan (PSP).

Mr Bradley Panther leads this team working alongside Senior Teaching Assistants,  Ms Debbie Thurston and Mr Adam Burton. They are housed on the first floor of Nunnery Court:

Name Title email Contact
Bradley Panther Alternative Provision Manager

01480 375700

ext 5603

Charlie Jackson Inclusion Manager 01480 375700
ext 5603
Debbie Thurston Inclusion Worker

01480 375700

ext 5603

Adam Burton  Inclusion Worker

01480 375700

ext 5603

Student Services and SEND Flowchart