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Support and Inclusion

All Students will need support and help from time to time during their attendance at school. To prioritise and identify where the support is most needed we have drawn a simple model where:

Wave 1 support is for all eg differentiated work and high quality teaching in every classroom

Wave 2 support is for the many eg mentoring programmes for targeted students, intervention groups

Wave 3 is for a few eg physiotherapy, 1 to 1 literacy support, counselling, bespoke individualised learning programme

To look at the Wave 3 support in more detail we have identified three different types of support:

Welfare - Students who need support with personal and emotional concerns that have an impact at school and at home. As such, we would offer the support of a Early Help Assessment (EHA) and look to support from outside school, eg a Family Worker or Young People’s Worker and agencies such as the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS). Some students and families may need an even higher level of support from social care or the young person may be in care.

Mrs Alison Setchfield leads this team and works alongside our School Counsellor, Mrs Kathy Bradford and School Nurse Mrs Rita Ashoor. They are housed on the ground floor of Nunnery Court.

Alison Setchfield - Inclusion & Safeguarding Manager 01480 375700 ex 5784

Kathy Bradford - School Counsellor                        01480 375700 ex 5815

Rita Ashoor - School Nurse                       01480 375700 ex 5794

Gateway -  Students who have medical, emotional and behavioural concerns that result in poor attendance at school. Students may feel that full-time mainstream school is too much for them and they require an individual bespoke timetable. This can include full-time attendance at the Gateway School where all lessons and social times are delivered; part-time attendance, so students may attend mainstream lessons plus social times such as break and lunchtime and a select number of lessons in the Gateway; or, students may attend part-time in the Gateway and spend the rest of their time out of school at college, work or at a training placement. A few students spend all their time at these provisions and do not attend school but are regularly visited by the Gateway staff. All students who attend the Gateway either have an EHC Plan (previously statement of SEN), a EHA or a Pastoral Support Plan (PSP).

Mr Bradley Panther leads this team working alongside Senior Teaching Assistants, Mrs Helen Banks, Ms Debbie Thurston and Ms Holly Mayho. They are housed on the first floor of Nunnery Court:

Bradley Panther - Alternative Provisions Manager 01480 375700 ex 5603

Helen Banks -  Level 3 Teaching Assistant             01480 375700 ex 5603

Debbie Thurston - Level 3 Teaching Assistant      01480 375700 ex 5603

Holly Mayho - Level 3 Teaching Assistant             01480 375700 ex 5603

SEND - Students who over time are not making the level of expected progress and the gap between themselves and other students is widening; or they have a complex medical condition or disability require “provision (that is) different from or additional to that normally available to pupils of the same age” (SEND Code of Practice page 94).

As such students are identified as having a Special Educational Need or Disability (SEND). These needs can be broadly identified as:

  • Communication and interaction: Autism, Asperger’s, speech and language difficulties
  • Cognition and learning: moderate learning difficulties, specific learning difficulties, dyslexia
  • Social, emotional and mental health difficulties: ADHD, anxiety
  • Sensory and/or physical needs: hearing and vision impairments, physical disability

Students will either be placed on the school’s SEND Register as requiring additional SEND Support or will have an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan issued by the Local Authority, previously a statement of SEN.

The Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENDCO) leads this team which is staffed by Higher Level and Level 3 Teaching Assistants (HLTA, TA). The TAs are divided again into three teams:

1. SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS AND DISABILITY (SEND) - Supporting students at transition from primary to secondary school and for the move to post 16 placements, supporting students with specific needs including autism and physical disabilities, organising access arrangements for GCSE exams. They are housed in Middle School and have responsibility for the disabled therapy room and the main Learning Support classroom (102) used for specific interventions and events such as breakfast club, Literacy and numeracy interventions.

Alex Scott - SEND Administrator             01480 375700 ex 5763

Simon Parker - Disabilities                      01480 375700 ex 5763

Wendy Alexander - Disability Team                WAA 01480 375700 ex 5762

Liz Stennning-White - Disability Team   01480 375700 ex 5762

Sylvia Rangel - Disability Team                01480 375700 ex 5762 

2. FACULTIES - Supporting students in lessons and via targeted intervention groups.

Core Faculty:

Angela Williams - L3 Teaching Assistant 01480 375700 ex 5759

Sara Corn - L3 Teaching Assistant          01480 375700 ex 5789

Jessica Sims - L3 Teaching Assistant      01480 375700 ex 5717

Stem Faculty:

Louise Dunn - L3 Teaching Assistant     01480 375700 ex 5771

Global Society Faculty:

Jackie Lester - L3 Teaching Assistant      01480 375700 ex 5206

Daisy Menczer - L3 Teaching Assistant  01480 375700 ex 5206   

Arts Faculty:

Gill Stevens - HLTA                                   01480 375700 ex 5785

Aiga Herman                                             01480 375700 ex 5768

Hannah Hurst - L3 Teaching Assistant   01480 375700 ex 5717


The Gateway TAs work in the Gateway School (see above) supporting students who have been referred to work there either full or part-time. They also support and visit students who access their education off site at college and work placements.

Each of these three teams at Wave 3 keep a register of the students receiving support.  Students can appear on one register or may do so on two as, for example, they may require welfare support and have an SEND. The most complex of cases will see students appear on all three registers and receive the most intense level of support the school can offer.



Senior Leadership Team

Student Services, Inclusion and SEND are line managed by:

Mr Heath - Assistant Principal                              01480 375700 ex 5799

Please contact the lead professional above for the appropriate team. However, if there is a need to inform a member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) or there is a concern or complaint then please contact Mr Heath directly.

For information on how the school can support your child see the links on the right.