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Year 7 Catch-Up Premium

Year 7 Catch-Up Premium 2018-2019

Catch-up Funding is allocated to schools by the government for each Year 7 pupil who does not reach the expected standard in reading and maths at Key Stage 2.  To date, the additional funding has been up to £500 per pupil. The government have confirmed secondary schools will receive the same overall amount of year 7 catch-up funding they received in 2017 to 2018, adjusted to reflect the percentage change in the size of their year 7 cohort, based on the October 2018 census.

In the academic year 2018/19, Hinchingbrooke School will receive Y7 catch-up premium totalling £14500. This is calculated based on the number of students that did not meet national expected standards in KS2 SATS.

We intended to use the premium this year to:

·       Deliver wave 2 intervention sessions ‘Every Child Counts Success@Artithmetic’

·       Engage students in the Times tables Rock stars programme.

·       Deliver PiXL Code to wave 3 intervention students delivered by a trained TA.

·       Deliver Lexonik to wave 2 and 3 intervention students delivered by a trained TA.

·       Engage all year 7  through the Accelerated Reader scheme

·       Deliver wave 2 interventions in English to small groups of students withdrawn from lessons for           catch up English.

Wave 2 Intervention Maths sessions £990

Success @ Arithmetic is an Every Child Counts numeracy intervention for pupils in KS2 and 3 who need support to become fluent at arithmetic. It helps them to make accelerated progress and to catch up with their peers, becoming more confident at calculation. Each child is assessed using the Sandwell Numerical Age Assessment before beginning the intervention. A trained TA specialist will deliver the programme in small groups (no greater than 4) over an 8 week period. Each week, a pupil will receive 3 x 50min sessions. Each child will then be re-assessed using the Sandwell Numerical Age Assessment at the end of the intervention to evaluate their progress

The Times Tables Rock Star Programme £86.50

Times Tables Rock Stars is a carefully sequenced programme of daily times tables practice.

Each week concentrates on a different times table, with a recommended consolidation week for rehearsing the tables that have recently been practiced every third week or so.

This format has very successfully boosted times tables recall speed for hundreds of thousands of pupils over the last 7 years in over 4500 schools - both primary and secondary - worldwide.

Wave 3 Literacy Intervention PiXL Code £260

PiXL CODE is a reading accuracy intervention, designed in response to the lack of reading programmes available for older struggling readers who need support in Key Stages 3 & 4.

This course provides a systematic, personalised approach to learning to read, drawing on evidence-based methods to help students retain knowledge in the long-term. The course is diagnostic, enabling students to target weaker areas personal to them, supported by the teacher at all times

The Accelerated Reader Scheme £4163

Accelerated Reader is a powerful tool for monitoring and managing independent reading practice, motivating students to read for pleasure. Star Assessments give accurate, actionable data about what students know and what they are ready to learn next, informing planning and teaching.

Wave 2 Intervention Literacy sessions

Approximately 2-4 students are taught in small withdrawal groups focusing on key elements of the English curriculum whilst reinforcing basic spelling and grammar rules. Students attended the sessions depending on need and progress and there was close liaison with the class teacher. Students were encouraged to reflect on their own work to target their next steps.

Lexonik Literacy Intervention Approx. £5000 contribution

Lexonik delivers instant impact on literacy. Additional benefits include greater vocabulary understanding, comprehension, spelling and above all, confidence! A unique mix of fast, focused and fun learning methodologies means that Lexonik is an enjoyable way for students to gain critical decoding and vocabulary skills.

Progress testing

NGRT Reading tests  £3664

GL CAT Bundle  £197.25