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Hinchingbrooke School

Uniform Guide

School Uniform

Blazer Black with school badge (in house colour on breast pocket) 

Skirt ‘Granite Grey’ pleated tartan skirt 

Trousers Mid-Grey (not charcoal) school trousers                              

Shorts Mid-Grey (not charcoal) school tailored shorts                       

Shirt Traditional white blouse/shirt with collar to take a tie 

Tie Bottle green clip-on tie with coloured stripes to represent the year group (white, black, bronze, silver or gold stripe which progresses with the year group through the years at school) or Prefect tie (certain Year 11s only) 

Jumper Long sleeved grey jumper with bottle green stripe or bottle green jumper with grey stripe (this is an option item) 

Socks Plain dark  or white socks (not patterned)                                                                                         

Tights Plain black or natural colour tights                                                                                                     

Shoes Plain black formal sensible leather shoes                                                                                                                                                      

Unacceptable Uniform

Skirts rolled over on the waistband

Trousers no hipsters, jean-style, frayed, clingy, lycra decorated or casual trousers

Jumpers only school jumpers are permitted, no hoodies or non-school jumpers.  School jumpers can only be worn under the blazer, not instead of the blazer

Socks no coloured/patterned socks

Tights no patterned or ripped tights

Shoes Casual shoes/trainers of any kind are unacceptable – including sandals or sling backs.  Boots, shoes with logos, symbols, flashes of colour or brand names are not acceptable

Students do not have to wear their school blazer in the second half of the Summer term each academic year.  However, they are not allowed to wear a replacement garment as the idea is to help students to stay cool in the warmer weather.  Students may continue to wear their blazer in the second half of the Summer term if they so wish.

Students whose uniform does not match requirements may not be allowed to access normal lessons or free time.  No variations from, or adaptations or additions to this dress list are allowed.  Persistent, open defiance of the uniform regulations will be deemed a serious breach of school discipline.


Please see a printable version of Uniform Guidelines