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Sixth Form Guidance & Team

Care, guidance and support in the Sixth Form at Hinchingbrooke is something we are very proud of. Even though we are a very large Sixth Form each of our students is treated as an individual and receives support and guidance from a professional sixth form tutor. You will be assigned a tutor who will support you through your A Level or other courses and who will be responsible for helping you make sensible choices about your future career path. If you plan to make an application to university your tutor will work with you on the application and will write your reference. If you do not wish to go to university they will guide you through your options. You will meet regularly with your tutor to discuss progress and any concerns you or your subject teachers may have about your effort and achievement. You will also set targets for yourself, in agreement with your tutor and subject teachers, and your progress towards achieving these targets will be monitored in your regular tutor meetings. Parents are invited to attend subject review meetings with you and we will work in partnership with you and your parents to support both your academic and personal development.

The Sixth Form Team



E-mail Address

Tel. No

Mr C Fordham

Assistant Principal/Director of Upper School

Ext 5745 

Ms K Moyes 

Deputy Director Upper School


Ms J Edwards

Upper School Student Support Officer

or direct dial 01480 420539

Ext 5448

Ms A Stephenson Upper School Administrator



Ms D Ayres

Professional tutor SF1


Ms Spikesley 

Professional tutor SF2


Ms N Akielan

Professional tutor SF3


Mr P Ingrey

Professional tutor SF4


Mr B Evans

Professional tutor SF5


Mr  Tandy 

Professional tutor SF6


Mr P Lloyd

Professional tutor SF7


Ms S Tomkins

Professional tutor SF78


Dr Fradley

Professional Tutor SF9



Mr I McLean

Professional tutor SF10


Ms S Haines

Professional Tutor SF11


Mr A Gwynne 

Professional tutor SF12


Mr D Reed

Professional tutor SF13


Mr J Leigh

Professional tutor SF14


Ms S Dearnaley

Professional Tutor SF15


Ms C Findlay 

Professional Tutor SF16