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Hinchingbrooke School

Sixth Form Dress Code

Sixth Form Dress Code

At Hinchingbrooke we pride ourselves on our students aiming for the highest possible standards, including in their dress. The Sixth Form is a place of study and work, and therefore we ask students to dress appropriately for this environment and set the standard for younger students around the school site. Students must wear their lanyard around their neck at all times whilst on the school site.

We recognise our Sixth Formers should have more freedom to choose what they wear to school, but we do ask that there is/are

  • no wearing of clothes that consistently reveal underwear
  • no tops which reveal large amounts of flesh 
  • no see-through clothes not also accompanied by a skirt or shorts 
  • no hats or hoods to be worn inside 
  • no ripped clothing 
  • no joggers or sports leggings 
  • no items of clothing advocating or celebrating illegal acts, drugs etc or inappropriate imagery.

We ask all of our staff to remind  Sixth Formers who are not dressed appropriately of our expectations.  Students who persist in not dressing according to our standards will be asked to go home to change and/or will be placed on Tutor Support.