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Hinchingbrooke School

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Our Mission

Our mission is to Inspire excellence Fulfil potential Develop character

We aim for all students to be nurtured as uniquely talented individuals, finding fulfilment through their learning and the development of their intellectual, creative, physical and emotional capabilities.

We aim for our students to develop the moral integrity to become responsible global citizens, so that they may take their place in society with confidence. We are confident that anyone associated with the Hinchingbrooke learning community, student or adult, will leave the richer for their experience.

Our values

We aim to instil values in our students such as compassion, tolerance and a sense of justice. We are committed to building a learning community based on

  • Mutual respect
  • Moral integrity
  • Freedom of expression
  • A sense of ambition for self and others
  • Tolerance and
  • An appreciation of religious and cultural diversity

Our staff

We are committed to

  • Developing the quality of teaching and learning
  • Supporting innovation and enterprise
  • Promoting the well-being of all staff

Our partnerships

We are committed to

  • Building a strong and effective partnership with parents
  • Forging links with other educational providers to enrich opportunities for our students and to support others in their educational endeavours
  • Working with local businesses to provide work related learning and to develop pathways to employment
  • Encouraging our students to make a contribution to the local and wider communities

Our future

We are committed to

  • Valuing our heritage whilst remaining forward-looking
  • Being at the forefront of educational change
  • Making the best use of technology to support learning
  • Providing an all-round education of the whole child
  • Building our reputation as a centre of excellence


Our core purpose is to nurture all of our students as uniquely talented individuals and principled global citizens, maximising their academic outcomes, their personal development and their capacity to be independent autonomous learners.