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Middle School -Year 11

Head of Year 11 - Mr Chris Pape

email telephone 01480 375700 extension 5203

Middle School Administrator - Mrs Julie Connor

email telephone 01480 375700 extension 5825 or

direct dial 01480 420506

Year 11 Student Support Officer - Miss Alie Winter

email telephone 01480 375700 extension 5205

Form Tutors  (C=Cromwell M=Montagu P=Pepys V=Vesey W=Wylton)

11C1 Laura Phillips
11C2 Naiomi Barratt
11M1 Alun Williams
11M2 James Steed
11P1 Carole Olsen
11P2 Jacob McClarnon
11V1 Simon Hacking
11V2 Liz Pamplin
11W1 Liliana Nunez
11W2 Sophie Renshaw


Key Dates for Year 11

18/10/2017     Parents Evening