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Masterclasses Summer 2022

Due to the loss of learning and to ensure our students are fully prepared for their exams this summer, we will be running 2 different types of Masterclasses.  Up until half term students will attend a compulsory Masterclass run by the relevant department just before they go into the exam.  In Year 11 students will come out of their normal lessons to attend these Masterclasses.  In Year 13 these Masterclasses will be run in the lesson closest to the exam.  These sessions will be a short, sharp outline of the exam in terms of the question style, things to avoid, common mistakes not to make and other vital last-minute information.

After half term the Masterclasses will continue but we will invite those students who we feel would most benefitThe expectation is that if you have been invited, you attend.  Students will receive a letter to outline which sessions they have been invited to, when and where these will take place.  Again, they generally take place either the day before or on the actual day of the relevant exam.

Previous experience tells us that these sessions are priceless and enable students to get into the right frame of mind to sit their exam and really achieve their potential.

Click on the links below to view:

Masterclass Summer 2022 - GCSE
Masterclass Summer 2022 - A Level

Please see our video with information if your child is affected by Covid-19 during 2022 exams