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KS4 Success Evening

Both Year 10 and Year 11 have a 'Key Stage 4 Success Evening' on Tuesday 5th February 2019 to help parents understand what their child needs to be doing in the months running up to their GCSE examinations.  The evening includes a talk which looks at how to revise effectively, what parents can do, in addition to advice from the key departments and an exams overview.

Also there are a number of workshops parents can attend:

Mindfulness for Well-being
Stress is a normal part of everyday life, but when it becomes overwhelming it can be damaging. This practical workshop smashes any preconceptions around stress and provides simple, yet effective mindfulness techniques, so you can continue to look after yourself and your child.

Surviving Exams for Parents
Parents can find exams just as stressful as their child. Often parents want to support their child but don't know how. This interactive workshop provides top tips on how to support your child through this important period in their lives.

Get Fit for Exams
The exam period is a marathon, not a sprint and like Olympic Athletes we have to be fighting fit, both mentally and physically.  This workshop looks at how you can help your child to create healthy habits for the mind and body before, during and after the exam.

Introduction to Memory Techniques
Students have a lot of information to learn for their exams.  This workshop shares some of the techniques students could use to remember the information needed for their exams. A number of different techniques will be covered during this session to ensure parents are aware of the techniques introduced in school.

Organisation and Time Management
This session will look at effective organisation and time management strategies as well as self-motivating techniques to help keep on track.  Effective independent learners use their time effectively and this session will give simple strategies to achieve this.

Below are some of the key presentations and documents from the evening, including recipe cards on what food best serves the students in the exam season and 'Did you know?' guides for parents on topics such as sleep, building resilience and more.  Another key document is the PiXL Revisit Handbook which gives lots of ideas of how to think harder about revision to make it truly successful with lots of templates students can then use.

Anna Nightingale

Vice Principal