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Key Stage 4 - Options

What to do if you want to take a subject not on your Pathway

Dear Parent/Carer

The procedure for accessing an option not available on a particular Pathway is outlined below:

  1. Students need to contact the relevant Head of Department (by email or in person) to arrange a discussion and determine a way forward.  Contact details are:

    GCSE PE: Mr Turnbull – JTurnbull@hbk.acesmat

GCSE Music: Mr Cooke –

Triple Science: Mrs Olsen –

Astronomy: Mrs Olsen –

Computer Science: Mr Bowen –

2) After the discussion the Head of Department will either approve the student to take their qualification, or explain why this is not an appropriate qualification for the student (we do not want students studying subjects on which they will ultimately not succeed)

We are keen to have students on the courses which will offer stretch and challenge as well as those they wish to study, which is why students were placed on their original Pathways.  We do, however, recognise that Pathways may not always have the correct subjects for a specific individual, hence the need for a discussion and consideration.

Many thanks for your continued support for this process.

Matthew Pinder

Assistant Principal



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