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Hinchingbrooke School

House System

At Hinchingbrooke we operate a school House system which aims to embed the School and House values throughout the community on a day-to-day basis. Each House is named after an historical figure with strong connections to the local area, Hinchingbrooke House or School. All students and staff are encouraged to develop a strong ‘House spirit’ and to represent their team with pride as part of the school’s core values of demonstrating hard work, high standards and kindness. All students and staff are assigned to a house except for the Principal.

House assemblies take place twice every half term through a ‘House Heads-up’ assembly in the second week of each half term and a traditional House assembly during the last week of half-term.

Students take pride in representing their House teams through a variety of Inter-house events. The inter-house competitions cover Sport, Music, Art, History, Cooking, English, Maths, Dance and STEM.

Each House also endeavours to raise money towards their chosen House charity, chosen by the students and House Leader of each House. Charity events include tutor group fund-raisers, non-uniform days, fetes, and performances for charity.

The House system at Hinchingbrooke aims to prepare our students to:


All students have opportunities to take part in a range of varied & diverse activities, to actively contribute to their house.


Ours students show empathy and understanding which creates a positive and respectful ethos within their house, school and wider community.


Through working together students at Hinchingbrooke aspire to demonstrate teamwork, effort and fair play to create equality and opportunities for all.


The integrity of our students creates a supportive house system to facilitate inspiring, creative, positive role models and leaders.