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Help & Advice for Parents/Carers

We recognise that sometimes parenting can be challenging and additional help and advice can be useful.  Below are details of websites containing help and advice for parents/carers on a wide range of parenting issues:

Cambridgeshire County Council - information on local services and support for families

Young Minds- information for parents, carers and young people around well-being and mental health.  Parents survival guide including helpline number

CHUMS - service commissioned in Cambridgeshire to provide help and support for parents/carers and young people experiencing difficulties with mental health and emotional well-being.  Students can self-refer into this service through the website.  Also contains advice and links to organisations offering specialised support.

HeadMeds - advice and information relating to medication

KeepYourHead - mental health information and resources for young people and their parents/carers

RCPsych - advice and information for parents/carers and young people

Beat Eating Disorders - information and support on eating disorders

Understanding Childhood - advice on a wide range of family situations and events

Relate- help and information about family life and parents and free web chat advice

UK Safer Internet Centre - The latest tips, advice and resources to help children and young people have a safe and positive time online

Parent Zone - tips and advice on all aspects of parenting, including ideas and links to access additional support and information

Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation – Advice and information about Child Sexual Exploitation – spotting the signs, how ‘grooming‘ works and what to do if you are worried

CASUS - Local Advice on spotting signs of drug use in young people and the support available.

Talk to FRANK – Practical advice for parents and carers on how to talk to your child about drugs

Family Lives- Parenting teenagers advice about teenagers and drugs and alcohol, including an A-Z of Common drugs

FFLAG - Support for families and friends of LGBT+ young people


The Kite Trust- direct support for young people around sexuality and gender, including support groups and 1:1 Project workers


Stonewall - support for young people and families and wider organisations