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Hinchingbrooke School

Hair, Make-up & Jewellery


Hair should look natural and religious headwear is permitted – please bring in a letter from home to state this.  In practical subjects (PE, Science & DT) it is essential that hair is tied up for Health & Safety reasons.


Students are allowed to wear unobtrusive make-up and nail varnish (no acrylics, gels or any kind of false nail are not allowed) and false eyelashes are also not permitted.    As nail varnish is not permitted in Food and Nutrition lessons, students may need to wear gloves in this lesson if they are wearing nail varnish.


Students may wear one ring, a watch and two plain stud earrings in each ear.  Earrings should fit close to the ear; no hoops, drops or expanders.  No facial piercings or other jewellery are permitted.

Students who wish to have additional piercings should do so at the beginning of the 6-week summer holiday to avoid any potential conflict over the removal of piercings during the school day during term time.

In practical subjects (PE, Science & DT) it is essential that jewellery is removed for Health & Safety reasons.   If students need to wear an item of jewellery for medical or religious reasons, they should bring in a letter from home stating that.