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Hinchingbrooke School

Guided Reading

At Hinchingbrooke, we believe that 'those who read, succeed' and therefore we have created a bespoke tutor programme that will allow students to have a broad, challenging, and enjoyable reading experience. Over the year, each year group will have the opportunity to read 5 books. These cover a wide variety of genres including dystopian fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, murder mystery, classic literature, and drama. These are also thematically linked to our students’ own lives with an emphasis on friendship, prejudice and discrimination, power and authority, childhood, and identity.  Westbrooke et al (2019) stated that "listening to someone read challenging texts out load can have a very positive and rapid impact on your reading age." Our goal is to not only improve the reading ages of our students but to foster the love of reading that transcends the boundaries of the HBK walls.