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Departmental Contacts

School switchboard number is 01480 375700 and the Departmental extension numbers are below:

Click on the department name below to get the contact list and emails for that department.


Creativity (Art) Ms A Lombard 5768
Business Studies & Economics Ms S Haines 5710
Dance Mrs M Trewin 5785
Design & Technology Mrs C Stokes 5767
Drama Mrs N Akielan 5605
English Miss Sarah Spikesley 5759
Film Studies Mr P Lloyd 5743
Food Mrs G South 5767
Geography Mr B Evans 5795
History Miss R Fender 5761
Computer Science (ICT) Mr D Bowen


Years 7 and 8 Computer Science


Years 9 to 11 Computer Science


Years 9 to 11 Creative i-Media



Information, Advice & Guidance Mr K O'Shaughnessy 5710
Languages Mrs A Roberts 5796
Maths Mrs C Gratton 5788
Music Mr W Cooke 5783
PE (including Dance) Mr J Turnbull 5785
PSHCE Miss B Palmer 5798
RE & Philosophy Miss C Newman 5798
Science    Mrs C Olsen 5771
Social Science Miss S Dearnaley 5747
  • Social Science:              
    Psychology, Sociology, Law, Politics and Health & Social Care, Pre-U Law & Psychology, Politics