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Hinchingbrooke School

Bursaries & Grants (Applications & Guidance)

16-19 Bursary

The 16-19 Bursary Fund is a government scheme intended to support students in post 16 education or training who face financial hardship.

Any funds awarded to students must be used to assist with costs directly associated with attending and succeeding at school. Every year the sum give to the school will change according to the level of need in the school. The amount of financial support a student receives may vary from year to year depending on the number of qualifying applications that are received.

The amount you will receive will be determined by your individual circumstances and the requirements of the course you are studying. It will also be dependent on the number of students who are awarded a Bursary. All payments made under the scheme will be subject to meeting the attendance and behaviour requirements as follows:

  • Overall attendance figure no less than 96%
  • A good standard of behaviour, attitude to learning and completion of homework

The links below provide information on bursary eligibility and making an application.

16-19 Bursary Fund Information

16-19 Bursary Fund Application 2023

16-19 Bursary Policy 2023

Huntingdon Freemen's Trust are a charity that offer grants to students who reside in Huntingdon (Huntingdon town centre, Hinchingbrooke, Stukeley Meadows, Hartford and Sapley /Oxmoor) but may go on to university elsewhere. Grants are capped at £1k per student per academic year, towards accommodation costs, they can reapply each year.

Students can apply through their website:
Huntingdon Freemen's Trust • Supporting the residents of Huntingdon (

More information applicable to Hinchingbrooke Students

Application Form


Hinchingbrooke Foundation

The Hinchingbrooke Foundation was set up hundreds of years ago, when Hinchingbrooke School was Huntingdon Grammar School. It owns the school buildings, farmland, and has a large investment portfolio. This produces an annual income that is used to support schools in Huntingdon. The Hinchingbrooke Foundation grant is not determined by Hinchingbrooke School or Hinchingbrooke School employees. The name comes from the link to ancestral lands.

Around 25% of the Foundation’s income is reserved for payment of individual bursaries to young people under the age of 25. 

Applications are considered three times a year:

January, April/May and October.

Around £35,000 a year is available for bursary grants.  These tend to range from £50 to £500, sometimes more, but will generally only meet a part of any costs being sought. 

Bursary payments can be used for the following things:

Tools or equipment for courses or jobs
Support for Special Educational Needs e.g. laptops
To support and promote talents in areas of music, drama, art and sport
Educational trips – the trip must be helpful and part of your learning

Hinchingbrooke Foundation Information

Hinchingbrooke Foundation Application

For a list of Foundation Trustees and copies of Trustees’ Annual Report and Accounts for the Foundation, visit the Charity Commission website at via the link, select ‘Find charities’ and enter 31184 in ‘Charity search’.