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Hinchingbrooke School


Excellent levels of attendance are essential at Sixth Form and we expect all of our students to be in school for 100% of their lessons.  If attendance falls below 96%, we will support and challenge the student  through our graduated support system.

We will only authorise absences in a limited number of circumstances, for example:

- When you are so poorly that you cannot attend school. Please ring the absence line each morning that you are ill (01480 375700) before 7.30 a.m. - please wait for the option to 'report absence'.  If you are in Year 12, a parent/carer must phone in to report your absence'  Alternatively, you (Year13) or your parent/carer (Year 12) can report by email at by 7.30 a.m. 

- if you have a practical driving test;

- if you have a university open day;

- if you have a hospital or dental appointment that cannot be moved;

Each time you are away, you must let your teachers and find out what work you have missed in your absence. 

Routine medical appointments must be taken outside school hours and students must NOT take paid employment during their school day.

Driving lessons may be taken during the school day, but only during non-contact periods.