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Admissions & Leavers


An in-year admission is when you are applying for a school place outside of the ‘normal admissions rounds’. (Normal admissions rounds are a statutory process where all parents/carers must apply for a place for their child to start school in the school’s year of entry at Primary, or Secondary school [Year 7]).

Year 11 Applications - April to July

If you are thinking of applying for a Year 11 place at Hinchingbrooke between April and July, please do not submit an "In Year school Application Form", as we are unable to admit children to this Year Group during this period of the school year, due to study leave and examinations.

If you are moving within the local area, then you should talk to your child's current school about how best to support them over this important period of the year. If this proves to be a problem, then please email the Cambridgeshire County Council Admissions Team at for further guidance and include your full name, address and contact details.

If you are moving from elsewhere in the UK or from abroad, please email for further guidance and include your full name, the name of your child, your present address and the address you intend moving to and contact details (preferably an email address).

Please be aware that the school is currently full in Year Groups: 7, 8, 9 and 11

[Correct as at 14th June 2021]

Increase in Hinchingbrooke School's Pupil Admission Number - September 2021

The ACES Academies Trust Board has decided to increase Hinchingbrooke School's Pupil Admission Number to 350 from September 2021.  The decision affects the Year 7 cohort that will start at the school in September 2021, and subsequent Year 7 cohorts; it does not affect the pupil admission number of the year groups that are already at the school.  You can see more details of this change here 

Admission to Year 7 (September of next Academic Year)

The application process for admissions into Year 7 is co-ordinated by Cambridgeshire Local Authority (LA), which acts on behalf of the governing body to offer places at the School. Parents should apply online at or submit a Cambridgeshire Application Form, available from their child’s primary school or from the LA Admissions Team, no later than the national closing date on 31st October. The LA will issue offer letters on the National Offer Date (1st March or first working day after). The LA Admissions Team will handle late applications (those submitted after the national closing date).

LA Admissions Team contact: 0345 045 1370

Waiting Lists
Where the number of students exceeds the Published Admission Number in any year group, an in-year waiting list will be maintained. If you are on the list, the school will notify you when a place becomes available. See the school’s Admissions Policy, below, for more information on how waiting lists are administered.

Please note that for in-year applications a child's details will be held on a reserve list for two terms, including the term of application. After this time the school Admissions Team should be contacted if applicants wish their child(ren) to remain on the reserve list. Names held on the reserve list will not be carried over to a new school year.

The Admission Team can be contacted at

Information regarding the process to appeal a decision to refuse a place at Hinchingbrooke School can be found in the School’s Admissions Policy; see below.

Catchment Area
Details of the schools catchment area can be viewed by clicking on the link (grey panel on the right hand side) titled "Map of School Catchment Area". Clicking on the link will take you to the 'My Cambridgeshire' website where you can enter your address details to determine the school catchment.

If you are thinking of removing your child(ren) from the school roll please contact the relevant school office to request a "Parental Request to Remove Child(ren) from the School Roll' form.

Years 7 and 8 - Lower School Office - LowerSchool@Hinchbk.cambs.sch.uK
Years 9, 10 and 11 - Middle School Office -