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Hinchingbrooke School

2023 Summer Exam Results

Key Stage 4

Congratulations to our Year 11 students, who despite the trials and tribulations over the last few years, have done us and themselves proud with their results this summer.

Average Grade: 4.93

9-5 Including English and Maths:  40.3%
9-4 Including English and Maths:  65.3%
9-4 in EBACC subjects: 29.3%

Our Top Performers are:

Top Achievers Top Progress
Hurinek; Erik
Leach; Agatha
Daniels; Blake
Blencowe; Pippa
Screaton; Emma
Millington; Rosie
Denton; Toby
Foy; Patrick
Boyle; Naomi
Warham; Malachy
Kent; Lucy
Baiju; Benet
Dobos; Helena
Foy; Patrick
Rerutko; Suzi
Deans; Louis
Hurinek; Erik
Leach; Agatha
Ford; Isabelle
Chan; Omar

Key Stage 5

Our Year 13 students did us equally proud, especially considering they had not had the opportunity to complete their GCSEs back in 2020. 

Average A Level Grade:  B- in A Level
Average Vocational Grade:  Merit
A*-C%:  79.1%

Our Top Performers are:

Top Achievers Top Progress
Hinton Ben
Payne Lily
Screaton Jack
Lemmon Ben
Manoj Ayona
Steczen Kacper
Wilson Jonathan
Butler Chloe
Cheng Serena
Edney Megan
Jones Liberty
Lawrence Alice
Davies Evelyn
Jones Liberty
Hinton Ben
Cheng Serena
Jones Megan
Ling Baron
Durose Elliot
Atkinson Thomas
Jenner Ethan
Steczen Kacper
Dunn-Markham Millicent
Jack David
Beatt Olly
Drew-Mckay Liam
Skinner Sameera
Lizardo Luke
Kent Emma
Gover Natasha
Carson Callum
Thoday Holly

We wish all of our students the best in their next steps, and urge them to remember that ‘we are HBK’!