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2022 Summer Exam Results

Key Stage 4
Congratulations to our Year 11 students, who despite the trials and tribulations over the last few years, have done us and themselves proud with their results this summer.

Average Grade: 5.28
9-5 Including English and Maths: 58.3% (46.8% in 2019)
9-4 Including English and Maths: 76.9% (69.2% in 2019)
9-4 in EBACC subjects: 35.4% (19% in 2019)

Our Top Performers are:

Top Achievers Top Progress
Burbidge; Adele Cullen; Rhys
Weston; Marcus Herbert; Sophie

Leach; Stella

Richardson; Fiona
Gladwin; Hannah Paulaskaite; Austeja
Hill; Robin Dris; Sofia
Miles; James Leach; Stella
Hunt; Lucy Bambridge; Jessica
Thien; Chloe Regalado; Cedric
Walker; Lauren Shaji; Abraham
Scrase; Freddie Mitchell; Olivia

Key Stage 5
Our Year 13 students did us equally proud, especially considering they had not had the opportunity to complete their GCSEs back in 2020. 

Average A Level Grade:  B-
Average Vocational Grade:  Distinction
A*-C%:  84.1

Our Top Performers are:

Top Achievers Top Progress
Cameron; Darcey Howat; Angus
Hollingshurst ; Ellen Read; Jessica
Linnell; Ellie Dutton; Jayden
Howart; Angus Pearce; Oliver
Salmon; Libby King; Samuel
Read; Jessica Salmon; Libby
Grimbaldeston; Joe Thorpe; Fred
Thorpe; Fred Thompson; Reece
Gladwin; Emma Uzunhasanoglu; Yesim
Isaac ; Maisie Kunaszyk ; Gosia

We wish all of our students the best in their next steps, and urge them to remember that ‘we are HBK’!

Please have a look at the amazing photos taken on Results Days in August!