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Year 11 - Maths Mock Exam Grades and Information

As you may be aware, your child sat a second maths mock exam two weeks ago.

They will be bringing home a sheet that lets them know what grade they got and where their weaknesses are. It will also highlight areas they need to improve on ready for the exams. Please ask them to show it to you.

General areas of weakness that they might want to focus on are:

Foundation: Fractions, decimals, percentages, transformations, areas of compound shapes, solving linear equations, drawing graphs, converting units and area / circumference of circles.

Higher: volume, interpreting graphs, sine and cosine rules, histograms, proving congruence, reciprocals, transformations of 3D shapes, circle theorems and vectors.

We have a comprehensive website with many resources to help with revision.  The following pages may help:

Worksheets, videos, powerpoints:

(if required user: mathswatch, password: maths2012)


Diagnostic tool:


Past papers and mark schemes:


Online maths practice:

(School login: hinchingbrooke,  password: tiger.  Your child will know their individual logins)


Please encourage your child to practice their mathematics in order to embed their knowledge.


Kind Regards


Victoria Horlock

Head of Maths