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Students Interview Louis Smith for the BBC School News Report.

“On the Thursday before Easter we were given the opportunity to go to the brand new BBC Broadcasting Centre on Regent Street in London to meet Olympian Louis Smith for the BBC School Report".

Please note the BBC School report film can be viewed at:-

We got up mega early - 5:30am to be exact and caught the train from Huntingdon to Kings Cross. Luckily we managed to grab a seat amidst of all the commuters; otherwise I fear we would’ve slept standing up! Once we got to London, replenished on polo’s and snacks provided by Ms Stockwell, we quickly marched to the tube.

It was Devon's first time on the Underground so he was very excited, as we all were and it was only a few stops before we reached the station along with Mr Graves who was frequently fretting about directions!

As soon as we got there we sped along to the BBC building Centre, where even hyper Harry stopped to be amazed by the colossal building that stood before us. We felt like celebrities casually strolling into the revolving doors and being given security passes!

The moment we walked in it was a different world.  People everywhere; on computers, filming, getting coffee!  The glass lift zoomed us up to a higher level giving us as bird’s eye view of the workplace.

Since all the rooms are given themed names we were in the ‘Basil Fawlty’ room. We weren’t sure who he was but Mr Graves bored us with lots of information on ‘Fawlty Towers’.  Our guide for the day, Andy from the BBC ran us through the schedule while the cameramen set up the interview.

We were very nervous! There were two bright spotlights, two big cameras and a photographer focused in on us. But we were put at ease and taught a few 'tricks of the trade' like how to use the microphone properly.

Finally, the interviewee arrived. He was dressed in all his glory, navy and mustard sweater with some sandy coloured chinos! Casual as ever we asked a bunch of questions, palms sweating like mad in the camera light.

We were star struck……….by his experiences and not just him-not just the one and only Louis Smith!

He was so funny though, and made us feel really relaxed. He spoke to Harry how it was sleeping in a tent for a year for his charity fundraiser as they train at the same gym. We asked him loads of questions and at the end we set him some challenges that he passed with flying colours... He sang a song, danced with Annie and did a hand stand. It was amazing!

Arrived back at school period 5 with our signed photos ready to show at any non-believers!

We can honestly say that the experience is imprinted on us for the rest of our lives. We would like to say a massive thank you to Ms Stockwell for arranging it all (and providing snacks), Mrs Olsen for filling in mountains of paperwork, for Ms Beddow for letting us go and finally for Mr Graves for taking us”.

Annie Smith, Devon Wallwein and Harry O’Driscoll

Year 8 Pupils.