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Reminder - Medical Room Procedure and School Mobile Phone Policy

We would like to remind students, parents and carers of the medical room procedure and mobile phone policy.

  • If students are unwell they must go to the safety of the school medical room where their condition will be recorded and dealt with appropriately. Parents will be contacted as necessary.
  • Students always need to sign in and out of school so that we can account for who is and who is not in school. Sanctions will be applied to students who are out of school without permission.
  • Please remind your child that mobile phones are not to be used in school. Students who ignore this policy and use a mobile or other unauthorised device on school premises without permission will be required to give their phone/device to a member of staff and parents will be asked to collect it subsequently from the school office.  Failure to hand the phone/device over to a member of staff when requested, will lead to serious sanctions such as Isolation.  We ask that parents support us in this Policy so that students are aware that this is a shared responsibility.
  • If a student is unwell at school they must not use their mobile phone to ring home as this goes against the school mobile phone rules and the student will have their phone confiscated.

These processes are in place to ensure that a sick student is not on their own somewhere in school possibly distressed, unaccounted for and without medical treatment.

Please support us in both these matters and note that student use of mobile phones to call home is not an acceptable alternative to attending the medical room and sanctions will be applied to those students who do.

The school mobile phone policy can be found using the link below.

Thank you.

Ms Beddow

Vice Principal Development