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A Message from the Local Police - Students Cycling


We are regularly contacted by members of the public concerned about the behaviour of Hinchingbrooke cyclists on their way to and from school. We will be giving out a message to students in morning registration outlining the areas of concern and would like you to support us by discussing these issues with your child.


We understand that some of our students:-

Cycle through Huntingdon High Street (This is prohibited between 10.00 and 16.00)

Cycle over the ‘Footbridge’ into Godmanchester (this is an offence)

Cycle  through the grounds of the Leonard Cheshire Home in Brampton and the grounds of Millfield Court in Huntingdon. (Both are an offence as these are private property)

Anyone aged 16 yrs or over is likely to be issued with a fixed penalty notice of £30.

The Police are very concerned that speeding cyclists and large inconsiderate groups of cyclists could cause injury to pedestrians, particularly the elderly and young children.  They have informed us that in all these places there have been several near misses where cyclists have almost collided with pedestrians and vehicles.

Please can you discuss the above with your child and ensure they understand that they have a personal responsibility for both their own safety and that of others.

By working together we can help to improve cycling safety for our children and for the local community.