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Autumn Term Geography Information - Year 11

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of some of the key dates for GCSE Geography over the next few months.  I hope by making you more aware of what we are trying to do to support your child, you will be able to help them through this very important time.


Up until half term we will be focusing on their controlled assessment.  They have already completed one piece of work for this (their fieldwork) and now need to produce an 800 word investigation.   The deadline for this work is Thursday 25 October.  It is vital that this work is produced to the very best of their ability, since it counts for 25% of their final grade.  Past results show us that those scoring well on the controlled assessment generally achieve at least their target grade overall.

Although most of the lessons over the next seven weeks will be concentrating on the controlled assessment we will also be starting revision and developing exam technique.  One reason for this is to prepare students for an assessment in the week beginning 17 September.  The purpose of this assessment is to enable us to decide which tier to enter the students for ( Higher = A*-C, Foundation = C-G).  Clearly this is a very important decision, so students really need to show us their ability.  To help prepare for this assessment, all homework over the next two weeks will be revision.  This assessment will cover all of the work that has been covered on Natural Hazards and Rivers and Coasts.

After the October half term break we will start preparing for the first exam (21 January 2013).  This exam tests students’ decision making skills.  As a part of the preparation they will sit a mock exam (12-25 November).  After the mock exam students will receive the pre-released material for the exam to study in the weeks leading up to the exam.  Discussing with your child the issues raised in the pre-released material will be greatly beneficial to them.

A final date for you diary is 8 January 2012, the Year 11 parents’ consultation evening, where we can discuss the progress your child is making.  We will, of course, be in contact with you prior to this if your child is failing to make the necessary progress required to meet their target grade.

If you have any questions regarding geography please contact your child’s geography teacher on the number below.

B Evans

Head of Geography