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Learn Latin - Latest Club for Year 9

Our new Vice Principal, Mr Walker, is setting up a Latin breakfast club for Year 9 students. This will run on Thursday mornings from 8:00-8:40am and will be held in Room 190.

Please read on to find out more.

The club will enable students to learn the fundamentals of this highly popular Classical language, whilst enjoying stories about a real family who lived in Pompeii in the first century BC. The intention is that the breakfast club will lead on to the opportunity to study Latin GCSE, and so the club is open to students in Year 9 only.

Students will learn the basic tenses of verbs, declension of nouns and adjectives and also look at the society and culture of the inhabitants of this city whose tragic story has fascinated and terrified successive generations in equal measure.

An understanding of Latin will also help you in lots of other curriculum areas, as you will learn more about how language works and different ways of looking at ancient history (among many other useful skills!)

The club will take place in Room 190, every Thursday morning at 8am. No previous experience is necessary. I hope that you will be inspired to broaden your enjoyment of Year 9 with this unique opportunity to study Latin; please encourage your child to speak to Mr Walker if they are interested and if you require any further details email .