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Olympic Rings Aerial Photographs

We have had several requests for the photos taken on the day....enjoy at your leisure...

Jason Turnbull

Head of PE

The Olympic Rings

On Thursday 12th July, Hinchingbrooke School in Huntingdon celebrated the coming of the Olympics to London.  Having already planted the coloured symbol into a bank on the school field, the Sports Council of this 1900 strong sports college decided that they wanted to go a step further.

The Sports Council of the school, a group of young sports ambassadors, came up with the idea of commemorating the Olympics with the whole school going down to the field and forming themselves into the Olympic rings.  Each student and member of staff took a coloured piece of card and placed it on top of their heads and waited for the plane to fly over and take photographs.  Grace Sice of the Sports Council commented, “There are 1500 students down here and all the staff came too; teachers, caterers and support staff.  Our friend Sophie has a father who flies and takes aerial photographs, so he agreed to come in his plane – it’s amazing!”

Poppy Hall, whose father coaches Olympic gymnast, Lewis Smith at the Huntingdon gym said, “It was an idea we had a while ago and I never actually thought it would happen and now it has!”

Jason Turnbull, Head of PE and Peter Brennan, Director of the Sport Specialism, marshalled all the students into place, each year group taking a ring and its colour.  The results were impressive and Acting Head, Di Beddow said, “It was incredibly moving; Hinchingbrooke is a huge school and we do not have a space large enough to bring all the students together, so it was very special to see them all in the shape of the Olympic rings and from the air.”