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Hinchingbrooke School

Week A Commencing 4th March 2019

Message of the Week

Welcome to week 24

This week, we are expecting the path opposite the school – in front of the Police Headquarters – to be closed.  This is owing to the road works being undertaken as part of the improvements to the infrastructure around Huntingdon.

Students who wish to turn left at the main crossing will continue to have access at this point.  All students who wish to turn right will not.

This means that students walking or cycling to school from Brampton, Godmanchester and Huntingdon will need to modify their route as they will not be able to use the crossing outside the main entrance to Hinchingbrooke School.

Student safety is our priority so in preparation for this, we have mapped out a new path for cyclists and pedestrians:

The yellow block shows the area where work is being undertaken.  The blue line indicates the pathway that will be closed.  The alternative route therefore will be the green lines through school leading to the underpass on Brampton Road and then for students heading to Huntingdon, the station or Godmanchester, the purple route (using the cycle path) for cyclists and the red route (using the underpass) for pedestrians.

Staff duties have been amended to try to ensure that students stick to the new safer route for as long as the roadworks continue and the path is out of use.  The black dots indicate new staff duty positions. 

We very much appreciate parental support in encouraging students to be patient and stick to the new pathways.  The alternatives mean crossing busy roads, which could be dangerous and result in accidents. 

Head of School post update

Due to the withdrawal of a number of candidates, we have decided to re-advertise this post and reschedule the interviews for 26th and 27th March.  Other shortlisted candidates will be carried forward.

There’s always something exciting happening at Hinchingbrooke SchoolLast week was no exception.

While Year 11 students sat the second round of trial exams in English, Maths and Science, the rest of the students carried on as normal, learning together in our beautiful school and enjoying the wonderful spring weather. 

On Monday, Year 7 stars were awarded certificates in Assembly:


On Tuesday the Hinchingbrooke Boccia team won the Regional Final with a decisive victory – see the score below!  As regional champions they now go on to represent the East region in the National finals in April: 

On Wednesday, the DT department entered 11 students from years 8 to 12 in a local competition at Kimbolton School.  Given limited materials and time, the task was to move a container from one end of a board to another.  Local guest speakers from the engineering and construction industries explained how hard they thought the challenge was - even for them – and our students did us proud, showing resilience and determination:

On Thursday, a small group of students began their ten-week project to restore a boat at Grafham Water:

And on Friday, Year 11 students sat their final trial exam in English Literature: 


Golden Antler Winners

Each week, the tutor groups with the highest number of 5s (for great attitudes to learning) are awarded a Golden Antler trophy.  Following the award of the trophy, the tutor arranges for a celebratory photograph to be taken.  It is then displayed around school.


Last week, the Lower School Golden Antlers winner was … 

… 8C1.  Well done to the Cromwell students for taking pole position last week.


And winner of the Middle School Golden Antlers was …

… 9W2 – well done to this new winning Wylton form.


Previous winners: still looking for the antlers …

Dates for your diary


This week:

Tuesday, 05th March - Post-18 parents information evening

Thursday, 07th March – World Book Day


Next week:

Wednesday, 13th March and Thursday, 14th March – Independance 10

Future events:

Friday, 22nd March – ARD 2

Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th Interviews for Head of School

Friday, 29th March - WOW, our World of Work day for all students

Saturday, 06th April – Monday, 22nd April – EASTER BREAK

Tuesday, 23rd April - School resumes for all

On a final note, lest we forget what a beautiful learning environment we have …

For up to date news and photographs about other events this week, follow us on Twitter @HBK_School.


Lorraine Cunningham, Assistant Principal