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Hinchingbrooke School

Week A Commencing 11th February 2019

Message of the Week

Welcome to week 22

It’s lovely to once again see the sun in the morning and after school as we look forward to the half term break and some warmer weather.  The school production of The Addams family looks amazing – if you can see it, it comes highly recommended.

Our theme for the week is ‘Do what the teacher asks first time.’  For the vast majority of our students, this is what they always do.  Unfortunately, not all students follow simple teacher instructions.  This can cause disruption to learning and in extreme cases, bring a lesson to a halt as the teacher tries to deal with one individual.  As part of our one school rule – Respect – this week, we’re reminding students (who may be tired and longing for a break) that it is important to follow instructions and to respect the rights of teachers to teach and students to learn.

Golden Antler Winners

Every week, the tutor groups with the highest number of 5s (for great attitudes to learning) are awarded a Golden Antler trophy.  Following the award of the trophy, the tutor arranges for a celebratory photograph to be taken.  It is then displayed around school.


Last week, the Lower School Golden Antlers winner was … 

… 7C1.  Well done again to the Cromwell students who earned the highest number of 5s last week and are now in top position above 7W1.


And winner of the Middle School Golden Antlers was …

… 9M1, chasing 9P1 for the title…

Previous winners: 7W1

Previous winners: 7C1


Hot Choc Friday

Celebrating members of our school who go over and above.



Last week, we celebrated the achievements of another group of outstanding students:

Dates for your diary

This week:

All week - Year 8 Options interviews

Tuesday, 12th February – Addams Family Production

Wednesday, 13th February – Addams Family Production

Thursday, 14th February – Addams Family Production


Next week:

Half term break


Future events:

Monday, 25th February – school resumes for all

Monday, 25th February – all week - Year 11 Trial exams in English, Maths and Science

Tuesday, 05th March - Post-18 parents information evening

Wednesday, 13th March and Thursday, 14th March – Independence 10

Friday, 22nd March – ARD 2

Friday, 29th March - WOW, our World of Work day for all students


Saturday, 06th April – Monday, 22nd April – EASTER BREAK


Tuesday, 23rd April - School resumes for all


For up to date news and photographs about other events this week, follow us on Twitter @HBK_School.

Lorraine Cunningham, Assistant Principal