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Hinchingbrooke School

Week B Commencing 4th February 2019

Message of the Week

Welcome to week 21

Congratulations to Liam Conway, year 7, who won the Minor Boys race at the Anglian Schools Cross Country championships this weekend. 


This week is important for Year 8 as they finalise their choices for GCSE options. Each student will be interviewed by a senior member of staff to help them to consider carefully which options will best help them to pursue the career they want, or alternatively - if they don’t yet know what area they would like to work in - which subjects will give them the widest choices post GCSEs.  Last Thursday, we had an information evening for parents about Options and this Thursday is an opportunity to find out from subject teachers how each student can fulfil their potential.

Theme for the Week

This is Children’s Mental Health week.  Tutors will be working with students to stress the importance of looking after both physical and mental health as the two are interdependent.  They will also be reminding students of the importance of being supportive and kind to others.  And, of course, showing respect to others – and to themselves.

Parents can help their children by considering the following advice:

  • Chat with your child about what you do to look after your body and mind, from walking the dog to turning your phone off before bed. Sharing the steps you’ve taken to stay healthy can set a good example for them – but don’t be afraid to admit it if you’ve struggled! It’s important for children to keep trying, even when things are difficult.
  • Praise your child and other family members for what they do to look after their body and mind – even if it’s small. If your child sees healthy living in a positive light, they’re more likely to carry on doing these things throughout life.
  • Remind them that there’s no such thing as a perfect body or mind – and no one is perfectly healthy! Your child might be tempted to compare themselves to other children, especially on social media, but it’s important to remember that everyone’s bodies and minds are different – and that’s something to celebrate.
  • Do something regularly with your child to be Healthy: Inside and Out. Family life can be very busy and stressful at times. Cooking a meal, sitting down for a family dinner, or going for a walk together can be a great way to stay connected and have fun.
  • Point out your children’s positive qualities such as determination, courage and kindness – help them to notice what makes them unique.
  • Point out kindness whenever you see it: in the news, in a bedtime story, in your family, on the street… helping your child notice acts of kindness all around them will inform and inspire them.
  • And finally, be kind to yourself: being a parent or carer can be hard work, so don’t be too tough on yourself.

For further information and support, visit

Golden Antler Winners

Every week, the tutor groups with the highest number of 5s (for great attitudes to learning) are awarded a Golden Antler trophy.  Following the award of the trophy, the tutor arranges for a celebratory photograph to be taken.  It is then displayed around school.


Last week, the Lower School Golden Antlers winner was … 

… 7C1.  Well done to the Cromwell students who earned the highest number of 5s last week and are now in second place, just two points behind 7W1.

And winner of the Middle School Golden Antlers was …

… 9P1, back in pole position this week and well ahead in the league table.  Great show by these outstanding Pepys students once again.

Previous winners:



9P2 – gathering to plan how they can get 9P1 from the top of the Middle School table?

Hot Choc Friday


Celebrating members of our school who go over and above.


Last week, we celebrated the achievements of a range of students from year 8 to year 13 – each of them outstanding in their own way.  Well done to all.


Dates for your diary

This week:

All week - Following the Year 8 Options Interviews with a senior member of staff - to discuss their options and help students to make these important choices.

Tuesday, 05th February – Y7, 9 and 11 Study Skills event

Tuesday, 05th February – KS4 Success Evening, 4pm

Thursday, 07th February – Y8 Parents Evening

Thursday, 07th February – Intermediate Maths Challenge - sixty Year 10 students and twenty Year 9 students will be taking part.


Next week:

All week - more Year 8 Options interviews

Tuesday, 12th February – Addams Family Production

Wednesday, 13th February – Addams Family Production

Thursday, 14th February – Addams Family Production

Saturday, 16th February – Half term break begins


Future events:

Monday, 25th February – school resumes for all

Monday, 25th February – all week - Year 11 Trial exams in English, Maths and Science

Tuesday, 05th March - Post-18 parents information evening

Wednesday, 13th March and Thursday, 14th March – Independence 10

Friday, 22nd March – ARD 2

Friday, 29th March - WOW, our World of Work day for all students



For up to date news and photographs about other events this week, follow us on Twitter @HBK_School.


Lorraine Cunningham, Assistant Principal