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Hinchingbrooke School

Week B Commencing 7 January 2019

Message of the Week

Welcome to week 17, the first full week of school in 2019.

The start of a new year is the perfect time to remind students of the importance of really committing to learning and of respecting the rights of others – of teachers to teach and of students to learn. 

When we commit to learning, we get to lessons on time and do what we know needs to be done.  We respect others by listening to them – really listening rather than waiting until they’re finished so that we can speak.  And we use language appropriate for the context and the audience – it’s good to have a range of opinions and to consider ideas that are different to ours, but we should never offend with our language.

Golden Antler Winners

Every week, the tutor groups with the highest number of 5s (for great attitudes to learning) are awarded a Golden Antler trophy.  Following the award of the trophy, the tutor arranges for a celebratory photograph to be taken.  It is then displayed around school.


Last week, the Lower School Golden Antlers winner was … 

… 7W1.  Well done to the Wylton students who earned the highest number of 5s last week and took the antlers back from 7C1, the previous winners.  We look forward to photographs of both groups next week.

And winner of the Middle School Golden Antlers was …

… 9P1.  Well done once again to the Pepys students.  They have topped the leaderboard eight of the past ten weeks, and seem determined to hold on to their antlers in 2019.


Hot Choc Friday 

Celebrating members of our school who go over and above.

Last week, we celebrated the achievements of MfL students who have written poetry in the language indicated by the flag – and had it published.  Well done to them all.


Dates for your diary

This week:

Monday, 07th January – Y13 Trial and GCSE MfL mock oral exams begin

Wednesday, 09th January – Y11 Parents Evening


Next week:

Y13 Trial exams continue

Rehearsals for ‘Addams Family’ continue


Future events:

Wednesday, 23rd January – Glastonbrooke Unplugged, 6.30pm, House

Thursday, 24th January – Parent Forum, 7pm, House

Tuesday, 05th February – KS4 Success Evening, 4pm

Tuesday, 05th February – Y7, 9 and 11 Study Skills event

Thursday, 07th February – Y8 Parents Evening

Thursday, 07th February – Intermediate Maths Challenge

Tuesday, 12th February – Addams Family Production

Wednesday, 13th February – Addams Family Production

Thursday, 14th February – Addams Family Production

Saturday, 16th February – Half term break begins

Monday, 25th February – school resumes for all


For up to date news and photographs about other events this week, follow us on Twitter @HBK_School.

Lorraine Cunningham, Assistant Principal