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Hinchingbrooke School

Police Urgent Message

Terrorism is one of the most serious threats we face in the world today, one of the hardest parts of dealing with attacks can be understanding why it happens.  In light of the incident that occurred in Manchester on Monday this has probably had some sort of an impact on you, your emotions and may cause you to feel worried, this is a perfectly normal reaction.

We want to offer you some reassurance, you might have seen on the news that the threat level is now critical, owing to this you will see more police officers on the streets. We would like to reassure you that although you may see more of the police around schools and public spaces, this is so you feel safe, protected and know that we’re here to help. We would also like to highlight the positive actions of the many people that were involved in helping the victims, it is this good in our society we must focus on.

There is a need to remain alert, if you see anything you think is suspicious, in school alert a teacher, otherwise do not be afraid to dial 999. You know your local communities inside out, if something does not look right, report it.

Finally don’t be afraid to ask questions. Whilst on patrol yesterday some young people asked us the following questions, these are things to talk to your teacher or parent about and are healthy and normal questions for you to consider together.

  • What is suspicious?
  • What happens if I report something and it turns out to be nothing?
  • I don’t what to be seen to be “racist “by reporting people who might be a different nationality to me.
  • How will the Police protect my identity when I call?

PCSO John Carter

Huntingdon Problem Solving Team

School Liaison Officer / Oxmoor & Hartford Local Policing Officer

Mobile: 07734 289797 |Call: 101

#HuntingdonshireTogether …together we can!