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Hinchingbrooke School

WEEK A - Beginning 15.05.17

A week of exams, work experience and mindfulness!...

Wow!  What a week we have in store.  Both Years 10 and 11 start the week with their RPE GCSE exam, and this will really test the military precision of the exams system.  Students have already had

Masterclasses in the subject and a Walking Talking Mock to ensure they are fighting fit and absolutely ready for the exam.  Students have been exceptional during these sessions and the vast majority have said they found the sessions really useful and now feel confident.  The exam season really starts to hot up after Monday as do the Masterclasses.  Students have the outline and know where they are going and all lunches and breaks have been planned for those with exams which start early.  They now just need to remember they can do it.  They are race ready for the marathon which is the exam season, whether that be for GCSE, AS or A’Level exams.  As parents I am sure you are feeling the pressure too.  Links below give tips on how you can support your sons and daughters thorough this time.  There are even recipe cards for the type of food which will help them to perform at their best.  These recipes have been created by chef Mark Lloyd, who has designed the meals and snacks specifically for students undertaking revision and exams.  Give them a go…I hear they are delicious, and having tried one on Thursday, I can attest that the fish finger sandwich is divine!  We are also running ‘Mindfulness’ session for selected students to help them manage this stressful time.  Again however, there is a link below so all and anyone can have access to these materials.  So if you think it is of use, please have a look.

And it’s not just the older students who are able to show us how well they are doing, as Year 7 have their end of year exams in lessons this week. Doddle is a fantastic resource, and many teachers have uploaded revision to this portal.  There are powerpoints to remind students of the content, in addition to quizzes and tests to ensure they are on track.  It’s always best to start revision with the topics students feel aren’t 100% secure (amber skills and topics).  These are easy wins and with a little extra focus can quickly become secure (green).  This is good advice whatever year you are in and whatever exams are looming.  Regardless of your year group, remember a positive mental attitude goes a long way.  Students need to go into exams believing they can do it.  If the fear sets in, take a deep breath, read the question again and then move on if you can’t do it, and come back to it later!  This week's theme fits in nicely, being as it is, all about trying your best!

Year 10, after their RPE exam, will be off on work experience from Tuesday for two weeks.  This is a fabulous opportunity for them to experience the real world.  It often has the added benefit of focusing them when they return to school after half term.  No matter what the experience, being able to get themselves to a place of work, mix with people and often the public, is a great life experience which either solidifies their thoughts and dreams for the future, or helps them to realise what they don’t want to do – just as valuable a lesson!  Good luck to all of our Year 10 students – make the most of the experience.

After half term all students in Years 7 to 9 will have their annual reading test.  It is essential that students give this their best shot, although it is not something they can revise for.  The information the test gives us will be passed to their teachers, to help them plan lessons to meet their needs and to ensure that we stretch, challenge and support all learners.  This year they will also complete a 20-25 minutes spelling test.  Again the information we receive from this will help us to support and challenge learners.  Students will be told when their test takes place and where.  They need to bring earphones with them.

So a busy week ahead with many chances for success.  So a reminder that success is part of a process and we can all experience this if we are race fit.  Even if the worst happens, this is part of the learning process, and the most important thing is to learn from the experience and move forwards…onwards and upwards!

Have a great week, and let me know if the materials we are uploading are of any use.

Anna Nightingale

Vice Principal