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Hinchingbrooke School

Week B - Beginning 13th March 2017

Oxbridge sessions, Independance, Academic Review Day and advice on mental well-being...

The sun is shining and spring is in the air.  A time for new life and new beginnings.  With the Academic Review Day on the way it is certainly time to stop, take stock and put our best foot forward.  A time to celebrate how far we have come already this academic year and to refocus our efforts to ensure we reach our goals by the end of the year.  A reminder that the Academic Review Day takes place on Wednesday 22nd March and appointments can be made by clicking on the following link.

This week there is lots to look forward to.  On Monday 25 students in Year 11 are invited to attend a session in Hinchingbrooke House with Dr Joe Organ from Brasenose College, Oxford University.  They will be considering the Oxbridge Pathway, along with a number of our Sixth Form students.  The German Exchange students are still with us and the Science Department are taking a group of Year 12 and 13 Physics students into Cambridge on Thursday.

Equally this week we have the Independence Show to look forward to.  A number of our talented dance students are taking part in a performance on Wednesday and Thursday evenings to sold out audiences.  The show begins at 7:30pm in the PAC.  I wish those involved the best of luck – I am sure it will be a fantastic night!

On Tuesday 14th March, 9 of our Year 11 GCSE Drama students will perform in front of a National Theatre director.  As a reward, other high performing Drama students have been invited to be the audience.  It’s a fantastic opportunity and who knows, perhaps the director will spot a few talented students who have bright futures ahead of them in the industry!

As the exam season creeps every closer this weeks’ theme reminds us all about the importance of mental well-being and links in beautifully to the techniques offered last week.  This week there are a further 5 techniques for students to use to ensure they are on an even footing and looking after themselves.  Likewise there are some useful tips on what to do in exams when your mind goes blank or the panic sets in.  See the main picture at the top of the article.

In the meantime, have a fabulous week.

Anna Nightingale

Vice Principal