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Hinchingbrooke School

Week B - Beginning 18th July 2016

The end is nigh…1.30pm on Thursday 21st July to be precise!

As the weather has finally turned and become more befitting for the summer term, the final few events of the year occur.  The Picnic at the Park last week, was, by all accounts, an absolute success and the weather was kind to us on that evening.  The Zombie Apocalypse on Friday was a sight to behold.  There was nothing more frightening than seeing Mr Walker, VP, dressed as a zombie for the day, or members of staff at the end of the day taking their turn on the various activities on the field.  Students really engaged and their resilience and ingenuity was thoroughly tested throughout the day.

We are delighted to announce that Mr Matthew Ryder has been elected as Parent Governor.

This week the focus is on celebration.  On Monday afternoon the large majority of Year 8 students are invited to take part in a celebration afternoon, alongside their tutors, house leaders and older students.  This is to mark the end of their time at Key Stage 3.  Then on Tuesday comes the formal celebration of all Year 8 have achieved throughout this academic year with their celebration assembly.  Year 10 follow suit on Tuesday as do Years 7 and 9 on Wednesday.  In each case the students have been nominated for a variety of awards including achievement pins, Eco Warrior prizes and awards for those who have achieved the most 5s in a year group.  It is so essential for our school community to take time out to celebrate all that we have achieved in out relentless journey to fulfilling our potential.

There is also a Gold DofE event planned between 23-28 July up in the Lake District.  So good luck to all those students taking part.

A reminder that with the new plans for our ‘Food Court’ in September, we will be rescanning all students both this side of the holidays and in September.  On Tuesday it will be the turn of Year 10 at the Dance Studio, and Year 9 on Wednesday (same location).  The current Year 12 (Year 13 in September) will be scanned as part of their induction and the new Year 12 will be scanned on Tuesday 6th September after their photo session.  Years 8 and 9 (current Years 7 and 8) will be scanned on Wednesday 7th September.

Due to these changes we need to temporarily disable the Parentmail PMX online dinner money top-up service during August,  so we can ensure that any existing cash balances are transferred correctly to your child’s account.  The exact dates of when this will occur are yet to be confirmed, however, the system will be back online in plenty of time for you to top up your child’s dinner money account before the start of next term.  This requires no action  on your part and will not affect other online payments for trips etc.

A reminder about the start of next term…

  • Monday 5th September 2016 - Staff Training Day  (No students) and Year 13 Enrolment 
  • Tuesday 6th September 2016 - Year 7 and 12 only and specific workshops*
  • Wednesday 7th September 2016 – Start of Term for all year groups

*Workshops on Tuesday 6th September include:

  • Y8 Literacy Booster (PET-Xi)
  • Y9 Science Skills Booster for targeted students
  • Y10 Maths Blast for targeted students
  • Y11 Maths Blast for targeted students
  • Y8/9 and Y10/11 ‘Hit the mark’ Study Skills – Students who have signed up
  • Y13 Time Management, Exam preparation and Independent learning

The theme of the week is in recognition that students need to keep themselves safe over the summer holidays, especially in terms of cycle awareness.

Have a fabulous summer everyone and see you in September.

Anna Nightingale

Vice Principal