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Hinchingbrooke School

Week A – Beginning 25th April 2016

Well it looks set to be an important week all round.

144 Year 11 students have a ‘Walking Talking Mock’ on Monday.  This involves the students being taken into the PAC during tutor time and period 5.  The philosophy behind this is to get the students used to the exam format alongside going through an exam paper together so the question format and timings are as familiar as they can be before the real GCSE, which is now a matter of weeks away.

Lots of other exams going on too.  The MFL speaking exams continue this week and the Year 13 and 12 have Art exams on Monday and Thursday respectively.  There is PE GCSE moderation taking place between Tuesday and Thursday and an AS Science practical taking place on Wednesday period 5.  All important stuff, so we wish the students the very best as they endeavour to fulfil their potential during these various opportunities.

To further assist with these selected Year 11 students have their final study skills workshop on Friday 29th and Year 10 also have their final workshop of this year on Thursday. There is also English Revision Intervention on Friday, again for the students who are in most need.

The Year 13 and 11 had better ensure that they spend longer getting ready on Wednesday as their final year group photos are scheduled to take place.  A time for reflection in addition to celebrating the end of their time at secondary school as the serious business of exams really takes hold this week.  For Year 11 the Masterclass timetable will kick in next week as the first set of written papers takes place on Tuesday 3rd May with the English iGCSE.  Over 100 Year 11 students will be showing the examiners what they can do!  The exam season really hots up from the 16th May – earlier than usual

Life goes on for the rest of the school too, with a Junior Maths challenge on Thursday.  Good luck to our mathletes we have our fingers crossed!

This week also sees the Year 7 Parents’ Evening, so we hope to see lots of you there.  This is a great opportunity to put a name to a face and to see exactly how your son/daughter has been getting on during their first year at Hinchingbrooke.  Also you get to ask any burning questions about progress, work and so on.

The theme of this week is by way of a reminder to students that we want to be a bully-free zone.  This is a theme which will be regularly revisited throughout the school year to keep this high in students’ consciousness.  They are reminded if they see something or hear something they need to say something.

Back to the inspirational quotes this week.  This one is about always doing the right thing, even if it seems to be the harder thing to do.

Have a great week everyone!

Anna Nightingale

Vice Principal