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Hinchingbrooke School

Week B -Beginning 22nd February 2016

What a final week to last half term.  The school production of Loserville was a phenomenal success.  

  As Andrew Goulding said:

 “What an amazing production.  I didn’t know Loserville, but was blown away.  Everything about it was so professional and the new set helped to make it extra special.  There are so very many people who play a part in making these productions a success so thank you to them all.  A special thanks of course to Mrs Akielan and Mrs Nicholls for masterminding the drama and music”.

A great week off was had by the Austrian skiers, the Paris Disneyland students and the Sixth Form Russia trip.  The students, and staff alike, had a great time.  Trips such as these can only occur when the staff are willing to give up their precious holidays, and so our thanks goes to the staff for their sacrifice and to the students who always do us proud.  No bones were broken on the ski trip, and in addition to the snow in Eben, those at Disneyland got a flurry too!

Moscow Underground Station - a palace to the people.
St Basil's Cathedral

  Before Half term we had a Numeracy Day, in which students were invited to dress up to represent numbers.  After much debate the winners have been decided and I have the great pleasure of announcing them.  (Dramatic pause)…The two overall winners are…(another dramatic pause):

Jess Nash in 8W1 who came as a human calculator and Mia Roberts in 7M1 who came as an Ancient Egyptian (Cleopatra)


We are also awarding prizes to a number of other students who made fantastic effort.  These include:  Eliot Stenning-White in 11P1 for his artistic number top, Christopher Buckenham in 11P1 who came as Dr Who, Grace Jeffrey in 7W for her self-styled number top, Elijah Ohene in 7C2 for his ‘number jeans’, Joe Grimbuldeston in 7C2 not sure what he is but a great outfit, Layona Smith and Keira Leighton in 7M2 who came in TUTUs! (just funny), Isla Alice in 7C2 and Beth Kennedy in 7P2 who came as 118, Alice Pollard in 7P2 for her number 7 top and Hailie Rainford in 7P2 who came as a goth bride.

The second set of Mock Trials occur this week.  This is an opportunity for the Year 11 students to show how much progress they have made since November/December and to help them practice exam skills again.  All students will be sitting their English Literature and Maths Papers along with the opportunity to sit papers in other subjects if they have been selected.  Good luck to them all, I am sure they will do fantastically.

On Tuesday evening parents and students are invited to attend the Year 8 Options Evening.  There will be a presentation and an opportunity to find out about all the GCSE and BTEC subjects on offer.  This is a chance to ask all those questions about the subjects being considered.  All students will then attend an interview with a senior member of staff to discuss what they are thinking about choosing.  Next week there is a parents’ evening to ask the staff who teach your children their opinions, as well as finding out about the progress they are making.

On Thursday there are the Glastonbrooke auditions to look forward to and on Friday Year 9 will be attending a careers event – Future First.  Year 13 Geographers are off to complete their assessment at the River Kym.

This week’s theme is all about punctuality, and reminding the students the importance of getting to lessons on time.  Every minute lost constitutes a minute they are not learning!  It is also a reminder that them being late to a lesson causing disruption to the learning of others.  

Have a great week everyone

Anna Nightingale

Vice Principal