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Week Commencing 15th September 2014

So the first exciting week of a new term is over and we are all now settling in to the routines and hard work which will reaps rewards further down the line.  The students continue to look great in the new uniform, and it’s lovely to see so many of the other year groups already suited and booted in the new version.  We hope the others will follow suit and want to be in the new version too.

There was lots of information about the wealth and breadth of clubs we offer at the ‘Bell’s Gone, What’s On’ event on Friday.  There is a weird and wonderful array of clubs to choose, ranging from Dungeons and Dragons to Egyptian Dancing; from Middle Eastern Music to recreational sports.  Please encourage your sons/daughters to get involved in wider school life.  They will get to see staff in a very different light, make new friends and build on or find new skills.  Having a well-rounded experience in school will encourage them to enjoy their school days even more – they are after all supposed to be ‘the best days of their lives!’ 

Another busy week is ahead with more Art trips – this time to the Tate Britain, Tate Modern, British Museum, Fashion Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum for the Year 11s.  The Year 13 Geographers are off to the Norfolk coast on Friday, so let’s hope the weather holds!

We have managed to sort out the glitches on the Cashless Catering.  If you are still experiencing problems please let us know ( .

There is a fantastic opportunity this year for our Year 12 students as they will be expected to do CAS24.  This requires them to do a minimum of 24 hours community based work either in school or beyond the school gates.  This enables them to see school in a different light and give something back to our community.  It may even ignite a love for teaching or coaching which gives them ideas about what they want to do later in life (or not as the case may be!).

As students navigate their way around the beautiful site, they will no doubt lose a few items on the way.  If this is the case, they need to go to Lost Property, which is now located at the Rewards Office (open lunchtimes between 1.15 – 1.55pm).  Going to their School Office (Lower, Middle or Upper) may also help to reunite owner and item!

If you have a son/daughter in Year 10 then this Thursday evening (18th) from 6pm in the PAC is a MUST.  The Year 10 Exam Success Evening enables you to achieve the following, which will help you to support your child and know what to expect from the important GCSE years:

·         Find out key dates and information from each subject, plus hints and tips to maximise attainment in each course

·         Hear advice on developing effective learning habits from successful Sixth Form students

·         Visit a ‘live’ exam venue, and receive practical information on all things exam-related from the Exams Officer and her team

·         Meet with the tutor team and find out about how your child’s tutor will support their learning and progress

·         Find out some practical tips on coping with exam stress

·         Gain an insight into the work of examiners and some practical advice on what to do to maximise potential on the exam paper

·         Find out how you can support your child in their development of effective study skills throughout years 10 and 11

                                          I very much hope to see you there.


In the meantime here’s to a fabulous, exciting week at Hinchingbrooke where all strive to meet their ambitions, for as Nora Robert once said…’If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it.  If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.  If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.’

Anna Nightingale

Vice Principal

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