RE Department - Facebook Page

The RE Department is currently trialling the use of Facebook as a tool to help the Year 11s with their revision process. Should you wish to see what they are doing you can access this page by visiting By ‘liking’ the page students will receive instant updates focusing on exam technique, key content, essential quotes as well as links to revision documents and activities. Please note that students will only be able to access this page from outside school.

Whilst this is a fantastic tool we would like to draw your attention to a charter we would like anyone using the site to adhere to.

To be respectful

To ensure you conduct yourself in a civil manner in the online world just like you would be expected to behave in offline world. Universal rules of social conduct apply in both environments.

For more details visit:

To be responsible

To use the site for its intended purpose – education. Also to take individual responsibility for ensuring a safe online environment - have you checked your privacy settings? Are your personal details and profile pictures too public?

For more details visit: and

To be reliable

Watching out for each other in your online community much like you would in your ‘real world’ neighbourhood. By doing so, you are promoting a healthy and safe online community. If you see something you feel should be reported – don’t hesitate, do so.

For more details visit:

Should you have any further questions regarding this site, please do contact Mr. Winter in the RE Department (