Many congratulations to Mrs Seekings and Mr Hancock who presented the findings of their research to fellow researchers at Cambridge Unviersity's Faculty of Education.

Both teachers were investigating how talk and dialogue in the classroom develop and enhance the learning process. Mrs Seekings, who teaches RE, has spent time investigating how staff can encourage the quieter members of a class to gain the confidence to contribute to class debates and therefore use dialogue to promote different ways of learning.

Mr Hancock, Maths, has focused on how a whole class might engage in learning from each other rather than treating on the teacher as the sole source of information. Both teachers have been awared their CamTALK certificates for the research they have done, an important moment for Hinchingbrooke as these have been our first, of many, CamSTAR research projects which help support Hinchingbrooke investigate, understand and enhance the student learning experience.