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Information for Students

Academic Review Day for Students


The introduction of Academic Review Days is to ensure that students are given time to reflect on their progress and achieving success. By engaging with this process, students can quickly learn how to reflect purposefully with the help of an Academic Mentor. The target setting process will enable students to set goals that are achievable and important. Converting the targets in to action remains the responsibility of the student. Through working with teachers, the form tutor and academic mentor, all students are supported towards achieving their goals.


Study at Home Tasks


A range of resources have been designed by your teachers to support your Study at Home work. There is also an overview sheet and a help sheet to explain the three styles of task:

·         Research

·         Reinforcement

·         Revision/Review

The main purpose of these tasks is to enable you to work independently and develop resilience. By doing this, you will prepare yourself for future employment as these skills are important. Make sure that you speak with your teachers on the days leading up to Academic Review Day if you are unsure of the tasks.


The tasks listed are in a menu format where you can choose which you would like to attempt. You need to work towards 4 hours of tasks and this can either be one single task or a range of tasks that take your fancy. The tasks have three levels of challenge (shown by the chilli pepper symbols): make sure you attempt work that will stretch you. You will need to show your work to your tutor following the ARD.