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WoW Day 2019


Hinchingbrooke School held a ‘World of Work’ Day for all students on Friday 29th March. This event was a fantastic opportunity for all Hinchingbrooke students to have meaningful engagement with a wide variety of local employers and education providers and significantly enhanced their understanding of the careers pathways available to them. Similarly the WoW day was a great opportunity for local employers to meet their future employees, with many conversations taking place about work experience opportunities. Ken O’Shaughnessy who leads on CEIAG (Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance) said “We see WoW Day as the beginning of a journey to a better understanding of the opportunities available to our young people after leaving school. This event is creating opportunities for discussions which can only help our students to make more informed decisions.”

As well as a large number of companies and education providers contributing to the day, there were a number of familiar faces as former students returned to Hinchingbrooke to talk about their careers. Kate Tandy, Assistant Principal, said “We were really keen for Hinchingbrooke alumni to speak to our students about their careers as this would help build aspirations by demonstrating the huge diversity of careers pursued by people from a similar background to their own. Indeed we are extremely grateful to all those who took time out of their busy working lives to come back to Hinchingbrooke to inspire the next generation.”

As well as interacting with employers and education providers, older students were able to focus on transferable skills through participating in a range of outdoor activities that tested their resilience, communication and teamwork skills.

Indeed the event was a huge success with seeds for future collaborations and careers being sown.