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Student Welfare and Counselling Services

Student Services

Student Services are situated on the ground floor of the Nunnery Court building beside Well Green. We work as an integrated team to support the medical and emotional needs of students and their families.  We aim to promote the positive wellbeing and safety of our students.

Alison Setchfield - Inclusion Manager             01480 375700 ex 5784

Frances Barrett - School Counsellor                 01480 375700 ex 5815

School Nurse                                           01480 375700 ex 5794

Medical Room

Students have access to the medical room from 8.30am to 3.30pm if they need access to medication or treatment for an injury or medical condition.  Students may access the room before school, at break or lunchtime.  During lessons they must gain permission from their Teacher or Tutor to visit via their planner unless there is an emergency. In an emergency students may access the Nurse immediately or the Nurse may be called to them.  Students may spend short periods of time in the medical room receiving treatment or if they are declared not fit for school by the Nurse they may be asked to return home during the school day.  The Nurse will be responsible for calling the parent/carer to make these arrangements.

 In the event of a student needing to attend hospital the parent/carer will be contacted by the School Nurse and /or an ambulance called. If possible we would prefer the parent/carer to accompany the student to hospital but in an emergency a member of staff will attend until the parent/carer can get there.

Medication can be dispensed by the Nurse with permission from the parent/carer and it is kept under supervision in the medical room.  Paracetemol can be supplied and dispensed by the Nurse with parent/carer permission.  This will require a phone call from the nurse at the time.

Staff are provided with regular training sessions by the Nurse on how to support students with medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes and the use of an Epi-pen.  They are also offered basic life support training.  We have three defibrillators on site and staff are reminded of their locations and how to use them during staff training sessions throughout the year.  Students are also given advice on how to ensure they keep themselves as healthy as possible especially if they have medical conditions such as asthma and diabetes. For example new asthmatics are shown the optimum method of using their inhalers.

National vaccinations programmes are supported by the Nurse in school and consent forms are distributed and collected through the medical room. Nurses from the community carry out the vaccination programmes and they liaise closely with the School Nurse regarding arrangements for coming into school.

There are a number of First Aid trained staff who provide cover for lunch breaks and at times when the Nurse is called to an emergency on site.  For further details please see the ‘Supporting Students at School with Medical Conditions Policy’ also on the school website.

School Counsellor and Counselling Service

Frances Barrett works with individual students on an appointment basis to provide counselling support.  She also arranges for volunteer counsellors to work in school at various times throughout the week and they also see students on an appointment basis.  The counselling service is confidential and works within the school's Child Protection Policy to ensure the safety of the young person.

Liaison with Social Care and the Police

The safeguarding team attend external and internal meetings with outside agencies such as social care, police, mental health services and housing to discuss support plans for students and their families. As a school we can also initiate the writing of an Early Help Assessment (EHA) when support from the Locality Team is required eg family workers, Young Peoples Workers (YPWs). EHAs can also be used to engage support from outside the Locality Team such as health services eg Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).

Looked After Children (LAC) - Children Looked After (CLA)

Students in care (LAC/CLA) are also supported by a range of services both in and out of school. There are regular reviews and plans made for their education and wellbeing.   Alison Setchfield provides a point of contact for students, carers and other professionals supporting the students.

Young Carers (YC)

Carers Trust Cambridgeshire Young Carers support students who may have a caring role at home.  As many as 1 in 12 students look after someone at home who is ill, disabled, has a mental health condition or addiction problem.

The Young Carers Group meet on a Tuesday once a fortnight after school.  Hinchingbrooke School were voted 'Carer Friendly School/College' of the Year 2016!

We have also achieved the Bronze Award in the 'Young Carers in School' programme.


If a student finds themselves in an emergency situation Student Services staff can respond immediately by providing support in the short and/or long term. Parents/carers can also seek advice and support by contacting them directly by phone or e-mail. We aim to try to respond the same day with a plan of action for the student and the family if appropriate.


There are seven members of the safeguarding team who deal with concerns raised by staff, students and parents/carers as they arise. For further details please see the ‘Safeguarding Policy’ also on the school website.