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Staff 2022/23


Staff Name Position email                              
Mrs E Alexander Head of Drama  
Mrs C Black Geography/Asst Head of Sixth Form (Year 13)  
Mrs N Blick Science/Assistant Head of Year 10  
Ms G Bolding English  
Miss S Bonner PE  
Mr D Bowden Head of Computer Science  
Ms H Bowman Science  
Mr M Boyle Maths Leader  
Dr V Cambridge Science  
Miss K Carr Maths  
Miss H Carroll Second in RPE  
Mrs A Cater Art  
Mr P Chester RPE & Philosophy  
Mr J Chilton PE Lead/House Leader  
Mr Clark-Frew Science  
Miss A Collingwood Food Technology  
Mr W Cooke Music  
Mrs K Cooke Music  
Ms K Daniell English/Head of Year 9  
Ms C David PE HSSP  
Miss S Dearnaley Social Science  
Ms S Emery English  
Mr B Evans Geography  
Miss R Fender Head of History  
Dr S Fradley Science/Professional Tutor  
Mrs C Gratton Head of Maths/Business & Associate Principal  
Miss A Gray English  
Mr A Gwynne Social Science  
Mr W Hall Science/House Leader  
Miss R Harding Maths  
Mr A Heath Assistant Principal - Gateway/Maths/Safeguarding  
Mr A Henderson Business Studies  
Miss A Hinton Design & Technology  
Mrs A Hobbs Modern Foreign Languages  
Mr A Hobley PE/Head of Year 11  
Mrs S Hodges Head of Chemistry  
Miss L Hooper PE/House Leader  
Mr P Hopkins Maths  
Mr P Ingrey Music  
Mr S Jack Science  
Mrs T Jago Head of PE  
Mr R Jones Science  
Miss Kemp History & Geography  
Miss C King Dance/Head of Year 10  
Miss S Leigh PE  
Miss V Leighton PE HSSP/House Leader  
Miss A Lewis Maths  
Mr P Lloyd Film Studies  
Mrs A Lombard Head of Creativity  
Miss J Longstaff Science  
Ms H Loughlin Science   
Mrs T McDougall English  
Miss F Mackenzie Maths Lead  
Mrs N Macon-Cooney Art  
Mrs T Magan English  
Mrs R Mattiott PE HSSP  
Mr I McLean Social Sciences/Politics  
Mrs G Melchor-Bailey Modern Foreign Languages  
Mr D Milner Geography/Head of Year 7 (Tues-Fri)  
Miss L Mitchell English  
Mrs K Moyes Geography  
Miss A Muir English  
Miss C Newman Head of RPE/Diversity Champion  
Mrs H Nichols Music/Head of Year 9  
Mr B Nicolay Science  
Miss A Nightingale Vice Principal - Achievement & Curriculum/History  
Mrs H Ogbechie English Leader  
Mrs C Olsen Head of Science  
Mrs V Osborne Maths/KS4 Coordinator  
Miss A O'Donoghue Social Science  
Mr K O'Shaughnessy IAG/Business Studies  
Miss R Palmer RPE  
Miss L Pamplin Science  
Mr C Pape PE/Assistant Principal - Student Progress  
Mrs E Parkes Science  
Miss L Parsley Maths  
Mr M Patterson Principal  
Mr D Pendlebury Assistant Principal  
Mrs S Penning English  
Mr C Pettit Science  
Miss L Phillips Head of Dance  
Mr M Pinder Science/Vice Principal - Teaching & Learning/Operations  
Mrs K Pugh English & Head of Year 9  
Mrs L Purdie Maths  
Mrs K Quinn Maths  
Mr S Ragdale History  
Mr D Reed Head of Art  
Miss C Rider English  
Mrs V Rix Head of Sixth Form  
Mrs A Roberts Head of Modern Foreign Languages  
Mr M Schmidt Head of Design & Technology  
Mrs T Shaw Science Leader  
Mrs J Sheehan Head of Food & Textiles  
Miss C Sheldon PE/Assistant Head of Year 11  
Mrs T Shepherd Computer Science /Assistant Head of Year 7  
Miss S Sizer Food Technology  
Miss B Shutt Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages  
Mr A Smith Computer Science  
Mrs E Smith Nuture Group  
Mrs O Solano PE/Asst Head of Sixth Form (Year 12)  
Mrs P Solvar-Isida Assistant Principal - GLOBAL/MFL  
Miss S Spikesley English Leader/Associate Principal  
Mr S Spinale Design & Technology  
Miss E Spyrides Science  
Mr J Steed Maths Leader/Assistant Head of Year 10  
Miss H Stewart Art  
Mr O Styler PE Lead/Assistant of Year 8  
Mr D Tandy English  
Mrs K Tandy History/Vice Principal-Behaviour/History  
Mr C Till Drama  
Miss K Toone Drama/Film  
Miss G Waters English  
Miss M Wells Geography/Assistant Head of Year 9  
Mr R West Science  
Mr T Wheeley History/Head of Year 7 (Mondays)  
Mr C Woodbury History Leader  
Mr M Woodfine Maths  
Mrs S Wren English  
Mrs J Wright English  
Mrs J Yarnell Business  



Mr H Afzal Senior IT Technician  
Mr N Anderson Admissions Officer  
Mrs B Angel Technician (Science)  
Miss H Arkle Learning Support Assistant  
Mrs H Banks Teaching Assistant (SEND)  
Mr M Barlow Site Team Maintenance Worker  
Ms F Barrett School Counsellor  
Ms K Beamish Exams Administrator  
Mrs M Benjafield Attendance Officer  
Mrs S Bennett Pupil Premium Administrator  
Mr T Best Technician (D&T)  
Mrs M Brooks Gardener  
Mr P Bryett Apprentice (HBK Leisure)  
Mrs L Buckley Inclusion Worker (Gateway)  
Mr A Burton Student Support Officer - Sixth Form  
Mrs J Connor Blue Room Manager/MS Administrator  
Vacancy Library Assistant  
Miss S Corn Teaching Assistant (Maths)  
Miss H Cox Technician (Science)  
Mrs N Darbyshire LS Administrator  
Ms A Dickinson Student Support Officer Year 9  
Mrs D Dow Administrator  
Mrs T Duncan Shift Supervisor (HBK Leisure)  
Mrs L Dunn Teaching Assistant (STEM)  
Mrs J Edwards Student Support Officer (Sixth Form)  
Mr S Edgley Teaching Assistant (SEND)  
Mr M Elias Information Services Manager  
Mrs E Entwistle Technician (Food & Textiles)  
Miss E Erskine Student Support Officer Year 10  
Mr S Fidler Manager (HBK Leisure)  
Mrs N Field Senior Cover Supervisor  
Mr D Finlayson Manager (HSSP)  
Ms S Fitzgerald Receptionist  
Miss K Fox Technician (IT)  
Mrs N Fuller Teaching Assistant (SEND)  
Mrs A Grantham Examinations Manager  
Mr K Hall Technician (Science)  
Miss A Hermane Teaching Assistant (SEND)  
Mrs H Hill Administrator (HSSP)  
Mr D Hine Teaching Assistant (SEND)  
Mr J Howells Creative Arts Technician (07595089670)  
Mrs E Isaac Teaching Assistant (SEND)  
Mrs A Jackson Technician (Science)  
  Assistant Alternative Provision Manager    
Mrs K Jackson Receptionist  
Mrs K Jackson Teaching Assistant (SEND)  
Mrs J Jones Technician (Reprographics)  
Ms R Kitt Data/Information Officer  
  Technician (Art)  
Mrs J Lattimore Assistant SENDCo  
Mrs F Lowe Pastoral Administration Officer  
Ms D Makanda Cover Supervisor  
Mr D Masters Technician (PE)  
Ms J Masters Site Team Caretaker  
Miss K Meldrum Teaching Assistant (SEND)  
Mrs C Molyneux Library Assistant  
Mr D Moody Geography  
Mr M Mooney Site Team Caretaker  
Mrs J Moore Administrator  
Mr J Page ICT Technician  
Mr B Panther Alternative Provision Manager  
Mrs E Pape Cover Supervisor  
Mr S Parker Assistant SENDCo  
Miss C Pindar Cover Supervisor  
Mrs C Pittock Student Support Officer (Year 7)  
Mr S Pool Site Team Caretaker Team Leader  
Ms S Quesne Teaching Assistant (SEND)  
Mr P Randall Site Team Grounds Manager  
Mrs S Rani-Thomson Technician (Science)  
Mrs V Rossi Teaching Assistant (SEND)  
Mrs A Scott Assistant SENDCO  
Mrs V Scott-Culkin Administrator (HBK Leisure)  
Ms S Searle Cover Supervisor  
Mrs A Setchfield Inclusion Manager  
Mrs K Simms Attendance Assistant  
Ms D Smith Administrator  
Mrs S Spenceley Business Administrator  
Mrs L Standen Student Support Officer Year 11  
Mrs E Stenning-White Teaching Assistant (SEND)  
Ms A Stephenson Administrator (Sixth Form)  
Mrs G Stevens Teaching Assistant (PE)  
Mr K Summers Grounds Assistant  
Mrs A Tanton-Smith Vocational Education Co-ordinator  
Mr K Taylor PAC Technical Manager  
Mrs V Taylor Student Support Officer Year 9  
Mrs S Thomas Teaching Assistant (SEND)  
Mrs D Thurston Teaching Assistant (Gateway)  
Mrs D Warner PA to the Principal  
Mrs A Williams Teaching Assistant (English)  
Ms A Winter Deputy Welfare Manager  
Mrs R Wolfe Receptionist  



Name                      Position email  

Mr M Patterson



Mr M Pinder

Vice Principal 
Teaching & Learning/Operations


Miss A Nightingale

Vice Principal 
Achievement & Curriculum



Mrs K Tandy

Vice Principal 


Mr A Heath

Assistant Principal
Inclusion & Safeguarding Lead


Mr C Pape

Assistant Principal 
Behaviour & Ethos


Mr D Pendlebury

Assistant Principal 
Student Progress


Mrs V Rix

Assistant Principal 
Head of Sixth Form


Mrs Solvar-Isida

Assistant Principal 
Head of Faculty GLOBAL


Miss S  Spikesley

Associate Principal
Teaching & Learning


Miss A Lombard

Associate Principal
Teacher CPD


Mrs C Gratton

Associate Principal
Pupil Premium



year teams