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Make-up & Jewellery

At Hinchingbrooke we believe that a school uniform gives a sense of belonging and pride in the school whilst ensuring equality amongst students.  In addition, a smart appearance contributes positively to the students’ attitude to work and study; it also significantly influences how the school is portrayed to the general public.

Students must wear full school uniform (including acceptable footwear) on all school occasions and on the way to and from school.  School uniform is an important feature of Hinchingbrooke School and on accepting a place for your child at the school you agree to support us in this matter.  Your child coming to and from school is a walking advertisement for the school and their uniform and behaviour should under no circumstances bring the school into disrepute.  School authority over its students extends beyond the school gates and disciplinary penalties will be applied to students who let the school down.


Hair should look natural – not be dyed with unnatural colours and no patterns or words shaved into the hair and no hair extensions.


In Lower School you are not permitted to wear any make-up or nail varnish (this includes acrylics, gels and French manicures or false eyelashes). 

In Middle School our approach reflects your increased maturity.  You are allowed to wear unobtrusive make-up and clear nail varnish (no acrylics, gels and French manicures or false eyelashes).


In Lower School you may wear a watch and one small plain stud earring in the lobe of each ear; earrings should fit close to the ear; no hoops, drops or expanders.  No piercings or other jewellery is permitted.

In Middle School you may wear one ring, a watch and one plain stud earring in each ear.  Earrings should fit close to the ear; no hoops, drops or expanders.  No piercings or other jewellery is permitted.

In practical subjects (PE, Science & DT) it is essential that jewellery is removed for Health & Safety reasons.

If you need to wear an item of jewellery for medical or religious reasons, please bring in a letter from home stating that.

Facial Piercing

No facial piercings of any type are permitted.  Use of a retainer is not accepted.

Students who wish to have additional piercings should do so at the beginning of the 6 week summer holiday to avoid any potential conflict over the removal of piercings during the school day.