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Funding and Impact 2015-16


In 2015-16 we received £14500

Literacy Catch-Up: Impact Summary

45 students attended our Literacy Catch-Up week in November 2015.  All of these students started Hinchingbrooke in September  working below a level 4c.

At the end of course, 37 of the 45 students (82%) had achieved at least a level 4c overall.

Compared to their starting level, on average students increased their writing level by 3.5 sub-levels and their reading level by 1.2 sub-levels.  Students increased their literacy level by an average of 2.3 sub-levels.

Numeracy Catch-Up: Impact Summary

20 students attended out Numeracy Catch-Up week in January 2016.  All of these students started in September working below a level 4c.

At the end of the course 9 students (45%) made an average of 1.2 sub-levels of progress; 9 students (45%) had consolidated their level and 2 students had regressed.  Overall average progress was 0.5 sub-levels as a result of this intervention.