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Funding and Impact 2014-15

In 2014-15 we received £13000. 

For 2014-15 we undertook the following actions to support students who started Hinchingbrooke working at below a level 4c in Maths or English.

  • Appointment of a Student Intervention and Support Manager
  • Provision of small groups in maths to enable more focused support/time for students
  • Targeted use Level 3 Teaching Assistants to support teacher of classes with eligible students present
  • Form time small group tuition to boost literacy and numeracy
  • Additional testing to diagnose more precisely the One form time a week dedicated to literacy and numeracy activities
  • support required – ARTi, AMTi, CAT and PASS tests

Maths Impact

Students eligible for catch-up funding made an average of 1.4 levels of progress compared to the 1.0 levels of progress made by other students.  The impact was an additional 0.4 levels of progress over the course of the year.

English Impact

The progress of students eligible for catch-up was not statistically different to those students who did not take part in the programme.  An intensive catch-up programme, run by an external provider, will be trialled in 2015/16.