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Food Standards

Chartwells New School Food Standards The School Food Plan, released in July 2013 highlighted the need to produce a set of school food standards that were easier to understand and that would remove the need to nutritionally analyse each menu cycle. New food based standards for schools have been released by the Department for Education and became effective from January 2015.

Chartwells are avid supporters of the School Food Plan and have been working closely with the Standards Advisory Panel (Amy Roberts, Chartwells Senior Nutritionist has been a member of this panel since October 2013) and the Children’s Food Trust to pilot and evaluate the new standards. Chartwells have always complied with the existing food and nutrient based standards and will continue to comply with the new food based standards.

All menus comply with the current food and nutrient based standards and all food elements of the new food based standards. We continue to ensure that all Chartwells recipes comply with the new food based standards and the recommended portion sizes set out within the Children’s Food Trust practical guidance document.

Chartwells are committed to ensuring our catering teams are provided with all the information they need to ensure their schools are fully compliant with the new standards, therefore the Chartwells nutrition team will be providing and delivering training sessions on the new standards in the autumn term. We are also committed to auditing our sites on a regular basis to ensure the new standards are adhered to across the whole school day.